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Twitter: Destroyer of Blogs?

Yesterday I was reading Keeva’s post on why people blog and why they subscribe to blogs. Throughout the comments I noticed a trend. It seems that rather than looking primarily for guides and class information (though those things are important too) people subscribe to blogs that exhibit personality. People are extremely interested in posts that talk about personal experiences and opinions and generate discussion. That’s why bloggers like Larísa and Tam enjoy such a following.

Looking through my own post history, I’ve written very few of these personal-type posts in the last few months. I’ve been writing a fair bit, but almost all my posts have been healing guides or analysis of logs and add-ons. I’m quite happy with them to tell the truth, but they aren’t exactly bursting with personality. I haven’t even posted a rant since the middle of November.

What has happened in the last few months that could change my blogging habits and turn me into a soulless automaton that spits out post after post filled with dry, instructional information and wowhead links with nary a hint of personal feelings or opinion?

Twitter happened.

After years of mocking Twitter as a fad and its user group as the worst kind of over-sharers with the attention spans of a gnat, I jumped on the bandwagon. I started off slow. I mostly just lurked around and read what other people had to say. Then I discovered that I could use it to promote by blog posts, and started responding to others. Now I’m a full-fledged user with 496 tweets under my belt…497 (my guildmate just said the funniest thing)…498 (my god, do bracers never drop!?).

Something funny happen in a raid? Did a PuG do something unbelievably stupid? Have I read something that made me excited/sad/angry? Why write a whole post about it when I share it on Twitter in 140 characters or less? It’s so much less work!

Last night I had an interesting raid on my priest. I did some silly things, people stood in fires, I had all kinds of pent up frustration by the end of the night. I could have written a post about it. Whether it be a rant, sharing lessons learned or a plea for some advice from readers, it could have been a half-decent post that sparked some discussion. Instead, I tweeted.

I accidentally Life Gripped the tank on Halfus. Hahaha

Riveting stuff right there.

Earlier this week I read a post by another resto druid sharing the opinion that Tree of Life was a poor talent and not worth the cost (1 point!). I was incensed. Here was someone who is apparently a resource for the resto druid community giving awful advice and terrible rationalizations for it. I wanted to write a response post. I should have at least written a scathing comment. Instead, I tweeted.

I cant tell if a post telling people ToL isn’t worth one talent point is trolling or not.

Do I even justify the post by commenting on it?

Amount of discussion generated: zero.

For the last couple weeks I’ve been complaining (on Twitter) that I have nothing to post about. It’s not true, I have a lot of topics I could write about, I have experienced a lot of things in-game that I could share…but instead I tweet.

I clearly need help.

The Fine Print: The argument could be made that my lack of interesting posts is due to the fact that between raiding in two guilds, analyzing logs, analyzing armoury profiles and planning my wedding I just don’t have the time or energy to properly formulate posts with personal thoughts and opinions, but that is poppycock. Haha, I said poppycock.