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Rule of Rose (Retro Game Review)

I’ve got a new video review up. It looks at the rare and somewhat controversial PlayStation 2 game, Rule of Rose. Check it out if you’re into survival horror.

I hate you Sony

Incoming completely non-WoW related rant…

Last week was my fiancé’s birthday. He told me he wanted Uncharted 2. Of course, when he said that, what he meant was he wanted Uncharted 2 and a PS3 to play it on (we’re 360 owners). So, I get them for him.

I hadn’t had a chance to try out the PS3, as I’ve been playing Mass Effect 2. As I was finishing Mass Effect on Saturday, I have an urge to play a good JRPG. Since I have yet to find a good JRPG on the current generation of consoles, I grab my old favorite, Shadow Hearts: Convenant for the PS2, and pop it in the playstation.  Nothing happens. I browse around and try to get it to play. “This console has limited backwards compatibility.”  FUUUUUUUCK! I like old games. I have a tendency to go back and play all my old favorites every once in a while, despite aging graphics. Story and gameplay trump shiny pictures. So this really pisses me off. I have to fight the urge to throw the thing out a window then go outside and stomp on it a few times.

Now I’m on a mission. Sure, I could have played one of the PS3 or Xbox games I have sitting on my shelf, but I’ve gotten the idea in my head that I’m going to play Shadow Hearts and this stupid, non-backwards compatible, console isn’t going to stop me!

So I run down to the garage to find my box of old consoles. I find the PS2 quickly. It takes a bit longer to untangle the big mess of wires from the 4 other consoles. I finally get everything I think I need, freezing my feet off in the process. Why don’t I put on shoes rather than standing barefoot on freezing concrete? Because I’m angry and stubborn, damnit! Back upstairs, hook up the console, put in the disc, and…”Please insert a memory card into slot 1.” Fuck! I run back downstairs, sift through the box. Aha! I’ve found one. Run back upstairs, put it in, and…it’s a PS1 memory card. Nooooo!

This setback doesn’t deter me. I’m going to show it who’s boss! (What is “it”? Who the hell knows at this point, but something needs to be put in it’s place). I get dressed (I’m not the only one who doesn’t like wearing pants at home, am I?), get in the car and drive to my local video game store. $30 for a memory card for a 10-year old console, but I don’t care, I’m going to play this damn game if it kills me.

Back at home. Can’t find any scissors to open the impregnable packaging on the memory card. I go at it with a screwdriver instead. It works. Put in the memory card, restart the console, and…success!  Haha! Suck it, playstation! Feeling victorious, I settle in, and play my game… for about 40 minutes before I have to stop to get ready to go out for the evening. /sigh

So that was my Saturday afternoon.

Today I did some looking around to find out if any PS3s are backward-compatible. Out of the 10 models that have been released only three are. The most recent one was released in August of 2007 and is no longer in production. I feel ripped off.