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Best Swiftmend Targets for Raid Healing

The bigger your Swiftmend is, the more your Efflorescence heals for. In order to make the most of Efflorescence, you need to choose your Swiftmend targets wisely. This means not only choosing a target who is grouped up with other people, but also choosing the person in that group who will take the most healing. Some specs have talents or abilities that cause them to take increased healing, so they make the best choices for who to Swiftmend when you’re trying to get out as much group healing as possible.

Here are the classes and specs who receive increased healing.

Constant Increased Healing Effects

Some of the talents mentioned here may not be part of standard specs. Be sure to take a peek at any of these classes pre-raid to see if they have them.

Feral Druid
2 points in Nurturing Instinct will give a feral 20% increased healing effect while in cat form.

Beast Master Hunter
2 points in Spirit Bond makes both the hunter and their pet take 10% more healing.

3 points in Divinity makes a Paladin take 6% more healing. This talent is reachable for any spec, but you’re more likely to see Prot and Holy Pallies with full points in this talent.

Assassination Rogue
2 points in Quickening makes a rogue take 20% extra healing.

Restoration Shaman
3 points in Spark of Life increases a shaman’s healing received by 15%. This talent is reachable by all 3 specs, but unlikely to be taken by anyone but a resto.

2 points in Field Dressing gives 6% extra healing received. This is obtainable by any warrior spec.

Increased Healing from Abilities

Some classes have abilities that cause them to take increased healing for a short period of time. Add these abilities to your raid frames so you can see when people are taking extra healing.

Blood Death Knight
Vampiric Blood gives the DK 25% extra healing received for 10 seconds. If they have this ability glyphed they will receive 40% extra healing.

Feral Druid
Glyphed Frenzied Regneration makes a bear take 30% extra healing for 20 seconds.

Holy Priest
With 2 points in Blessed Resilience the priest takes 30% increased healing for 10 seconds after taking damage that is more than 10% of their health.

So the best targets are…

The three on-use/proc abilities listed above will result in the biggest increases to healing done. If people are grouped up near someone under one of these effects, Swiftmending one of them will give you the most bang for your buck.

If these abilities are not up, an Assassination Rogue with Quickening or a Cat Druid with Nurturing Instinct will be your best Swiftmend targets in melee. A Resto Shaman with Spark of Life will be your best Swiftmend target at range.

If you don’t have these, a Pally with Divinity or a Warrior with Field Dressing will do. They only provide a 6% bonus, but it’s better than nothing.

One last thing

I just wanted to clear this up as I still see people who are a little behind the times on how Swiftmend works.

The size of your Swiftmend is in no way affected by the size of the HoT being consumed (or not consumed, because it’s glyphed). It doesn’t matter:
– Whether your Swiftmend target has a Rejuv or Regrowth on them
– How much your Rejuv/Regrowth heals for
– The amount of time left on the Rejuv/Regrowth