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Raid Team Names

In guilds with multiple raid teams you need a way to tell them apart. Rather than number the teams, which denotes hierarchy, I think it’s better (and more fun) to give the teams proper names.

My Horde guild started the expansion with five 10man raid teams. Three of the teams were named after Top Gun characters: Maverick, Iceman and Goose.

My team was Goose.

I gave the GM a lot of grief over this. Not only were we named after a character who wasn’t even a pilot, but he died halfway through the movie in a freak accident. True to our name, Goose seemed to be cursed. Three players bowed out of raiding before our first raid had even taken place, one of whom was supposed to be our second tank. Our DK stepped up and switched his main spec to tank, so we were able to field raids but it was really rough going. It’s rather amusing actually – In Top Gun Goose died because of a faulty ejection. In team Goose our eject button worked very well – we lost 7 raiders in 3 months.

This week we compressed down to 4 raid teams and decided that Goose was officially cooked. We have beenĀ  reborn Team Viper.


I hope we have better luck with our new name. The other team is also adopting a Top Gun name and will likely be Team Jester by the end of the week.

In my Alliance guild, we’ve got a couple 10man teams and a 25 team. My 10 man team was recently dubbed Blood Shrimp raid, as our MT has a habit of gently placing Blood Shrimp in people’s pockets. The other team is called ThundercoungarFalconBird… I have no idea why. Our 25man raid is currently nameless, and I think that should be remedied.

Does your raid team have a fun name?