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How to Heal: Lord Rhyolith (25N)

This is a Druid healing guide for the Firelands raid instance. Though it’s written from a 25-man perspective, most of the tips should apply to 10s as well.

Lord Rhyolith is…an exercise in frustration. I really don’t know how else to describe it. There’s a little bit of raid awareness needed, two bad things to not stand in and the amount of healing needed will depend almost entirely on the dps driving the boss and how fast they can stomp active volcanoes.

If you’re not familiar with the general tactics of the fight, check out the Icy Veins guide.

Debuffs you want to be aware of:

Eruption (Lord Rhyolith)Eruption – Every time a volcano activates, Eruption will be applied to a random 6 players every 2 seconds until the volcano gets stomped. The debuff will increase fire damage taken by 10% per stack. Every new volcano will put up a new stack. I’ve found it pretty difficult to keep track of other people’s stacks, since multiple stacks can be up at once, but I try to keep an eye on my own stacks as a general guideline on how much damage people will be taking.

I’m usually assigned to heal the ranged on this fight.

Phase 1:

Damage during phase 1 starts out very low but ramps up quickly as volcanoes are spawned. Rhyolith is not tanked in phase 1, but there are Fragments and Sparks (adds) that need to be tanked.

  • Stack Lifebloom on the tank who will be grabbing the Fragments, as they will spawn first.
  • The first thing Rhyolith will do is cast Concussive Stomp. Counter this with Wild Growth and a few Rejuvenations. He will stomp every 30 seconds.
  • When the Fragments are about to spawn, stand on top of the tank who will be picking them up. Your healing aggro will help to round them up (and make it easier for the tank to get them before they hit you in the face too much).
  • Use Rejuv and Swiftmend to get Efflorescence under the tank and any other people near the Fragments.
  • Shortly after the Fragments die, a Spark will spawn. Stack Lifebloom on the Spark tank if you can. Do not stand near the Spark, as it has a constant Immolation aura.
  • The Fragments and Sparks will continue to spawn all through phase one.
  • Heal up your assignments with Wild Growth, Rejuvs and spot heal with Regrowth.
  • Get Efflorescence on the ground whenever people are grouped up.
  • When damage gets higher (due to many Eruption debuffs) use Tree of Life and cast Lifeblooms throughout the raid and Wild Growth on cooldown.
  • Tranquility is great in phase 2, so you want to make sure it is up for that. If you don’t find a use for Tranq within the first 90 seconds or so, save it.
  • Innervate early and often.
  • Use Barkskin often. A good time to use it is right before a Stomp.
  • Don’t stand in MagmaFlow.

Phase 2:

When Rhyolith reaches 25% health he becomes Superheated and does Immolation damage to the whole raid every second. He does require a tank at this point. Everyone else should stack up behind the boss. This phase goes extremely quickly. If most of your dps is still alive, he’ll likely die within 30 seconds so don’t worry about mana conservation.

  • Stack Lifebloom and Rejuv on the tank.
  • Use Wild Growth and Swiftmend on cooldown.
  • Use Tranquility when he gets to around 10% health.
  • Use Barkskin if it’s available.

Happy healing!