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Looking for a Protector (or 2 or 3)

Apotheosis is recruiting!

In the past few weeks we’ve lost a few people. Some to real life, some to burn out, and some are just scared at the prospect of seeing Rag’s legs.

In a strange twist of fate,* almost* all the classes we are in need of are on the protector token. (What’s wrong, Protectors? Don’t like fire?)

We are specifically seeking:

  • 1-2 hunters
  • 1 elemental shaman
  • 1 enhancement shaman
  • 1 warrior (Tank or DPS)
  • 1 retribution paladin (Not a Protector, but I’m convinced these don’t exist anyway)

Apotheosis is a 25-man Alliance raiding guild on Eldre’thalas. We raid 9 hours a week – Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday, from 9pm ET until midnight. We are currently 6/7 heroic in Firelands and are about to start working on Glory of the Firelands Raider and take a crack at heroic Ragnaros. If you are awesome and want to work on these things with us (or even want to join us for 4.3) come put in an app. We’re a friendly bunch, we don’t bite. Well… I do sometimes.