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Hunter Tips for Immerseus

Well, I’ve played my hunter for 4 whole raids now, so I’m clearly an expert with knowledge to share. Haha. Though I’m lacking in the dps department right now (I really need a bow, trinkets and that damn legendary), I am pretty good about avoiding damage, living through fights and using my utility abilities. So I have some tips on how to make sure you survive fights and make the most of your abilities to help out your raid group. These are tips for both normal and heroic.

Man, this is a dull, dull fight. It’s not too bad at the beginning, but by the end you’re lucky if you have 2 mobs to dps during the Split phases. There’s a lot of standing around.

Talent recommendations:

Level 15 – Crouching Dragon, Hidden Chimera 
Deterrence is your friend on this fight.

Level 60 – Fervor
I generally prefer Dire Beast, but it’s not going to be overly useful on Split phases, the puddles die too quickly and are generally too far apart. Fervor will let you be more spammy with AS to burst them down.

Level 75 – Blink Strikes
No targets are up long enough for AMoC to be worthwhile. Blink Strikes will help your pet move around faster.

Level 90
Normal mode – Glaive Toss
It’s unlikely you’ll ever see more than 2 Puddles in range of each other.

Heroic mode – Barrage 
On heroic there will be large numbers of adds to deal with during phase 1, so Barrage will perform better.

Tips for the fight

  • Use all your cooldowns at the very beginning of the fight as it’s the time you’ll have the most time on target.
  • As they come up again, it’s probably best to use them while Immerseus is active as opposed to during Split phase because the adds die so quickly (unless a whole lot of them in range of you). The exception is Fervor, which can help you burst down the adds faster.
  • Since there is downtime between the phases, and you can see where the sha puddles will be spawning, go ahead and drop Explosive Trap and an Ice Trap at the location where the most adds will be.
  • You can help slow the adds using abilities like Ice Trap, Binding ShotConcussive Shot, Glaive Toss.
  • Try to stay be in range of Sha Puddles as they die, because they will give you a buff. (I have to say though, they die so quickly it’s difficult to get in range of them, and you might not even have another puddle to dps once you’ve gotten a buff).
  • Watch your pet. The room is huge and I’ve had mine run off to the other side of the room and despawn on me. Do not stand at max distance from the boss.

Heroic tips:

  • The Swelling Corruption debuffs aren’t realy anything to worry about and you should just attack the boss as normal.
  • When Congealed Sha adds spawn, witch your focus to them. AoE them down and use Binding Shot to help control them a bit.
  • During split phase, dip your toes in the Sha Pool to help keep its size under control. Watch your stacks though, you don’t want to get more than 4 or so.

Staying Alive

Deterrence is amazing on this fight and with it, you should never, ever die. 

  • Swirl, which is hard to outrun, can be completely ignored by just using Deterrence when it’s about to hit you.
  • Deterrence will also deflect Erupting Water (the damage from a Sha Puddle reaching Immerseus). You shouldn’t need to deflect this, but if you’re away from the healers or are undergeared, it will save you.
  • Deterrence will also negate Sha Bolt and Sha Splash, but that shouldn’t be necessary unless you’re about to die.

Happy hunting!