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WoW Stories – Echelon

Last night my boyfriend and I were talking about our WoW histories. This story of mine came up, and it’s one of my most memorable moments in WoW, so I thought I’d share it.

 Once upon a time, many years ago, I was in a guild called Echelon. It was a guild I founded with some friends I had made in my previous guild, Group 5. Group 5 was a guild a bunch of us has joined just before The Burning Crusade came out. Group Five wasn’t terribly progressed, we had cleared Molten Core and AQ 20, and were just getting started in BWL. After being in Group 5 for a little while, a few of us decided it was not the place we wanted to be. Part of the problem was the transition from a 40-man raid to a number of 10-mans that were raiding Kara. The teams were formed in a questionable way and there was tension and competition (but not the good kind) between the teams of the long time Group 5 members and the people who had joined the guild more recently. 

After a while, things came to a boil and myself and two others decided to form our own guild – Echelon. We raided Kara some and got ourselves built up to a 25 fairly quickly so we could start working on the other raids. Things went okay. We weren’t the best raid guild, but we killed some bosses.

One night we were working on Gruul. It wasn’t going so well. Another resto Druid was getting exceedingly agitated that we were wiping and decided to rage quit. He left the raid, gquit his Druid, then methodically logged onto and gquit all of this other toons. Except he found he couldn’t quit the guild on his last alt. Whenever he typed /gquit he got a message saying that he could not quit the guild, because he was the guildmaster. Now this was odd. Our actual guild master was displaying correctly in the guild roster, this toon was just someone’s level 29 alt. But somehow, the game thought he was the GM. After unsuccessfully trying to quit a few times, he solved his problem with /gdisband. All of a sudden, in the middle of a raid, we were all guildless.

Obviously this was a bit of a shock, but rather than let it disrupt things too much, the raid kept going.

After raid, our GM went to Ironforge to re-create the guild, only to be met with the message that the name Echelon was already in use. One of the (many) Bleeding Hollow trolls had registered our guild name while we were finishing our raid. A bunch of them were even bragging about it in trade chat. Tickets were opened, but we weren’t able to get our guild name back, so from then on we were Echelon with a stupid special character on one of the Es.

The guild didn’t last too long. I left for the greener pastures of aus on Proudmoore near the end of tier 5 and forever left Bleeding Hollow behind. This event made my Echelon experience unforgettable though.

I even found a copy of the GM’s forum post about this.

Lessons learned from this?

People are dicks. 

Guild breaking bugs suck.

As far as we could gather based on bug reports and such on the official forums, our GM doing large amounts of guild rank changes in a short time span broke something. A few people who didn’t hold the GM rank within guild ended up with guild master powers.

It was awful when this happened, but years later I look back and find this kinda funny.