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World of Logs – When Things go Wrong

This is the second part in a series about using World of Logs to evaluate raiders. I’ll be building the full series in my guides section. I suggest reading this post there for a better layout and less squishy images.

Raiding isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. People die, raids wipe, new bosses have their way with you for hours until the fight finally clicks and you get a new kill. When things go wrong WoL provides a lot of information that can help you figure out what’s causing problems.

Deaths Overview

To get to this screen from the navigation menu: Dashboard > Deaths Overview

When a player dies and you are unsure of the cause or who was at fault, look at the deaths overview for that specific boss fight. This page will show you a list of all deaths during the fight (to a certain point…it seems to stop tracking after a number of people have died) along with the last 3 damaging abilities to hit them, like this:

World of Logs - Deaths overview 1

Clicking on the more link will show a greatly expanded view of the last events before death, including damage taken, healing taken and any abilities used by the (soon to be dead) player.

World of Logs - Deaths Overview detailed

The whole log is far too long to show here, but it tells me why I died. One factor is that a Shadow Nova got off – but it’s not the real reason. The reason I died was that I didn’t get a single heal during this fight, not even from myself (give us healers a break, it was our very first heroic Halfus attempt and we all freaked out and completely neglected to heal anyone but the tanks).

The three icons at the top right give you the option to show Power Gains, Spell Casts and Buffs & Debuffs. I find turning on power gains and spell casts makes the log very bloated, but buffs & debuffs are very helpful to see debuffs (like Halfus’s Malevolent Strikes) or player abilities (Shield Wall, Barkskin, etc.).

Some things to look out for in the death logs:

  • Who was healing (or not healing) the player before they died?
  • Did the deceased player take avoidable damage? Did they stand in a fire or a cleave? Did a dps pull aggro and get smacked by the boss? Did the Shadow Priest use Shadow Word: Death at a really bad time?
  • Did the player do what they could to avoid death? Did they use damage mitigation cooldowns, a healthstone or potion? Did they heal themselves?


To get to this screen from the navigation menu: Dashboard > Survivability

This is a really good resource on wipe (or “learning”) nights, when a fight just won’t go your way. The Survivability screen will point out who’s living the longest and who’s usually dead. I find it most useful to look at survivability on all attempts on a boss at once.

World of Logs - Survivability

The chart is nicely broken down by boss attempt, class and player. It’s also color coded – grey if the player lived until the bitter end, pale yellow if they survived for almost the whole fight, orange for survivability around 80% and red for early deaths. The column on the right shows overall survivability. Hovering over any percentage value on this chart will show the last 3 sources of damage before the player died.

Obviously, having a solid understanding the fight is necessary for deciphering this chart properly. Examples:

  • Atramedes: If someone has low survivability on this fight it is usually their own fault. Most deaths are due to getting too much sound, followed by too much damage. (Check the Deaths Overview to be sure)
  • Chimaeron: If someone has low survivability on this fight it is usually a healer issue (or their healer just doesn’t like them).

Damage Taken by Spell

This is another good thing to look at when you run into problems on a particular fight. First, go to the Dashboard for the fight you want to look at (we’ll look at Atramedes). Look at the Damage Taken by Spell section.

World of Logs - Damage taken by spell

Here we see all the spell damage taken by the raid during the fight. Much of this damage is avoidable, including Sonar Bomb, Devastation and Sonic Breath. Click on the ability you are interested in to see how much damage each player took from the ability. Let’s pick Sonar Bomb:

World of Logs - Sonar Bomb

So here we see total damage taken and the number of times people were hit with Sonar Bombs. Clearly some people need to improve their movement skills during air phase.