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Recommended Reading

I’ve been having a case of writer’s block (blogger’s block?) lately. I’m working on a few posts but they’re taking quite a while and I’ve been busy with other things. So here are some interesting posts from other healers of every flavor that I think are worth a read. (Also, if you have any blog topic ideas for me, I’d love to hear them!)

Zinn at Jinxed Thoughts shares some information on secondary stat choices for disc priests.

Oestrus at The Stories of O tells everything you ever wanted to know about Chakra but were afraid to ask.

Jadiera at Totem Forest gives an overview of the cooldowns currently available to healing classes and considers what kind of cooldown would benefit Shaman most.

Keeva at Tree Bark Jacket tells druids how to make the most of Innervate, including tips on Innervate-swapping and ideas for Power Auras to help keep track.

Adgamorix at Divine Plea doesn’t believe in RNG and encourages people to take responsibility when things go wrong in raids.

Last, but not least, Windsoar at Jaded Alt has written raid guides for every 10-man tier 11 encounter. The guides are clear, concise and outline both the boss abilities and tips for the raid. Check them out!


Charlie says "click the links"

Charlie says "Click the links!"

Or else.


Silly Pictures

I feel really sorry for the poor camels in Halls of Origination. Not only do they have to lug my fat tree butt around, but when I dismount, they die!
Giant tree on a camel
This week I found a very amusing quest in Azshara that asked me to rescue baby raptors. Rather than be happy for their rescue, they tried to eat my face. That’s gratitude for you.
Raptors are eating my face!
My fiance bought me a fish last week. My cats are quite taken with it. I can’t tell if they want to play with it or eat it though. Either way, I don’t think it would end well for the fish.
Charlie and Max playing with Buster

Hope you’re all having a good week!

Daily Dose of Cute

I finally got some decent screenshots to use for my UI post. However, after looking through some recent super-cute pet posts from other resto druid blogs, I was inspired to post about my kitties instead. Pics of cats are much cuter than screens of my raid UI.

So here are my cats, I have four of them. I’ve had two cats at a time for most of my life, but my fiance and I moved into a bigger place last year and decided to expand our brood with 2 new kittens over the summer.

Max and Charlie are the two newest members of the family. They are a couple months apart in age, but get along like brothers. Both of them like to hang out on my computer desk and watch me play WoW. Charlie gets quite excited chasing my cursor around and has developed a tendency to knock my monitor over. Not terribly helpful when I’m raiding, but he’s so cute I just don’t have the heart to try to make him stop.


MomoThis is Momo. She’s quite…how can I put this delicately…rotund? She’s also very snuggly. She wasn’t terribly impressed by the recent influx of male cats in the house. The males (3 cats plus one fiance) now outnumber the females, so Momo and I have to stick together.

This (the black one) is Lubbies (full name: Special Agent Lubnar… don’t ask, I didn’t name him). Lubbies is a big suck, who loves any form of attention. He took to the new kittens immediately when we brought them home. This is him cuddling with Max.

All my cats help to make those frustrating days (or raids) a little less stressful. Even when they’re causing trouble. I hope more people continue with the pet-introduction posts.

Charlie and Max

A Helping Paw

It’s nice when your family takes an interest in your hobbies…

Cute kitten playing WoW


Cute kitten playing Warcraft