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The Trials of Being a Hunter

As you probably know if you read my blog at all, I recently main switched from my Resto Druid to my Hunter. I’m the GM of my guild, but our main-switching rules apply to me too. I had to go through a 9-raid initiate period, complete with pitfalls of being on trial – last in priority for loot, get sat for a lot of progression kills.  I had an Initiate thread where people could comment on my hunter skills, though mine was different from most – I’m the guild forum admin, so the thread couldn’t be kept secret from me like it is for most people. Not too many people left comments in there, whether it was because they had nothing to say or because they were afraid to leave comments that I could see I can only speculate.

Thursday was my 9th raid, and on Sunday I officially passed my trial so Jasy is up to full raider status, and I made her the GM of Apotheosis. Yay!

It was a bit tough going at the start. I wasn’t really doing anything wrong (other than insisting on playing Survival in my first raid), but the gear gap between me and the rest of the raiders made such a huge difference. I think I was around ilvl 520 when I started my trial, with no legendary cloak or meta-gem, and a weapon from Terrace. My gear didn’t get a whole lot better in the first half of my trial. I won a few pieces of loot that no one else wanted in the first week – a helm, gloves I couldn’t wear because it would break my 2-piece bonus. I did get my legendary meta-gem quickly though, which helped a little. In the 2nd week I won a really shitty trinket (Female Dwarf tells me it’s better than the LFR Rentaki’s I was wearing, but it’s still not good). The first two weeks on my hunter were a bit demoralizing.

Finally, in my 7th raid, I hit bonus roll paydirt and coined a Warforged bow. Equipping it increased my top end damage by something ridiculous like 60% and my output skyrocketed. I wasn’t last anymore! My gear only improved from there, as I was able to get my legendary cloak in time for my 8th raid. In my 9th raid I coined a Warforged trinket of awesome and won some nice heroic thunderforged pants off Norushen. In 9 raids I went from terribly undergeared, to the 8th best geared dps in the raid. I really need to remember this next time I start whining about loot rolls, without them I’d still be using that Terrace weapon and have no good trinkets.

Jasy's first Malkorok kill - September 19th

Jasy’s first Malkorok kill – September 19th


Jasy's third Malkorok kill - October 17th

Jasy’s third Malkorok kill – October 17th

So I’m feeling much better about being a hunter now. My gear is good, and once I get my 4-set bonus and a 2nd, not terrible, trinket I’m pretty certain I’ll be able to beat the rest of the dps (gauntlet thrown).

Since I’ve passed my trial and have the gear to not be a liability I’m going to do some experimenting with the other specs on farm content. I’d really like to be anything other than Beast Master. I’m feeling good with my performance on single target fights and AoE fights. The only fights I have a bit of an issue with are fights like General Nazgrim – mostly single target, but often with 3 spread out mobs up at a time. I think I could be doing better on those. If anyone has tips for fights like that I’d love to hear them.