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My Best Wow Memory

This is Day 4 of the 20 Days of WoW Blogging Challenge.

My favorite WoW memory is not something that happened in the game. It happened at an Irish pub. This is where I first met Shtanky, Lvachequirit, Ardhiel, Rundvelt, Loviatara, Shadu and Veztro; the founding members of Arm of Hades. They were at the pub having their monthly officer meeting. I’m generally kind of shy and not the type of person who would sit down with a table of strangers at a pub and talk for 3 hours, but that’s exactly what ended up happening. I couldn’t resist the idea of face-to-face WoW talk. At the time most of the people I played WoW with were people I only knew online. The thought of a group of local friends running a guild and getting together to discuss the game over pints every month was amazing to me. We talked about Karazhan strats, loot distribution and a whole bunch of other game topics and everyone told me I should roll a new toon on Vek’nilash and join their guild.

It took me a while – I wasn’t sure that I wanted to play with 2 guilds on 2 servers – but about a month later, I made a hunter and joined AoH. I got not only a 2nd guild but also a group of really great friends.  Not everyone from first pub night is still playing, but we’ve had a lot of other local people join who have also become good really friends. Since then there have been lots of good times in-game along with a lot more trips to the pub, Rock Band parties, UFC nights, and guild trips to both Missouri and Indiana where I got hang out with a lot of great non-local guildmates as well. And it all started with that one chance encounter at the pub.


What’s better than one Ragnaros kill?

Two Ragnaros kills this week!

Ragnaros - Arm of Hades first kill

Team Hansel - we're so hot right now.

Last night Arm of Hades went into Firelands, one-shot Majordomo then killed Ragnaros for the first time. After 5 not so great attempts where people made silly mistakes and we didn’t get past the 2nd transition, our 6th attempt look us right to the end. We even got the achievement. We’re also the first Horde guild on our server to kill him! (yes, it’s a small server).

This means that next week I will be trying out my first hard modes on both my druid and my priest – Apotheosis just scored our first Rag kill on Thursday. I’m interested to see how the 10man and 25man formats compare for hard modes.

Wish us luck!

Guild Meet

I will soon be heading out for the 2nd annual Arm of Hades guild meet. We had a whole lot of fun at our last meetup and this year we’ve decided to get together for a whole week. Twenty of us have rented a lodge in Indiana, where we’ll be playing Rock Band, board games, golf, drinking a teensy bit and likely doing a whole lot of talking about WoW.

The 10 hour drive begins at 6am. I feel bad for the people I’m travelling with. I am not pleasant in the morning.

So, I’m going to be away from the blog/Twitter for a bit. I do have an awesome guest post lined up and may even squeeze in a post or two of my own depending on the internet situation. It may take me a little longer than normal to approve and respond to comments.

See you in a week!

(and good luck on Ragnaros!)

Nef is Dead!

<aus> Nefarian kill

The most amazing this about this is not the kill, but that we managed to line up properly for a kill shot.

My Alliance guild killed Nefarion for the first time this weekend – yay! What an ordeal that was. I really feel for the tanks on that fight. Raid healing got pretty simple after a while, but those adds are a giant pain in the ass. All our tanks performed  admirably and we managed to get a fairly clean first kill with only a few deaths. I also got lucky and won my T11 helmet.

Jasyla in her tier 11 gear
Jasyla rocking the 4-piece set bonus

My Horde raid group is still sitting at 9/12, having some dps issues on Cho’gall. On the bright side, we repeated our kill on Atramedes this week (he’s been giving us grief) – while his targetting was bugged, no less. I actually kinda liked the aggro-sensitive flame breath.

And now for something completely different…

Treant in an iceblock
A reminder of why I hated the original tree form.
Jasyla and kitty in an iceblock
Jasyla the hunter about to be eaten by rabid dogs.
Bastion of Twilight trash holding hands
How cute, they’re holding hands!

Brooding Darkwater Clam

Hope everyone has a good week.

Raid Team Names

In guilds with multiple raid teams you need a way to tell them apart. Rather than number the teams, which denotes hierarchy, I think it’s better (and more fun) to give the teams proper names.

My Horde guild started the expansion with five 10man raid teams. Three of the teams were named after Top Gun characters: Maverick, Iceman and Goose.

My team was Goose.

I gave the GM a lot of grief over this. Not only were we named after a character who wasn’t even a pilot, but he died halfway through the movie in a freak accident. True to our name, Goose seemed to be cursed. Three players bowed out of raiding before our first raid had even taken place, one of whom was supposed to be our second tank. Our DK stepped up and switched his main spec to tank, so we were able to field raids but it was really rough going. It’s rather amusing actually – In Top Gun Goose died because of a faulty ejection. In team Goose our eject button worked very well – we lost 7 raiders in 3 months.

This week we compressed down to 4 raid teams and decided that Goose was officially cooked. We have been  reborn Team Viper.


I hope we have better luck with our new name. The other team is also adopting a Top Gun name and will likely be Team Jester by the end of the week.

In my Alliance guild, we’ve got a couple 10man teams and a 25 team. My 10 man team was recently dubbed Blood Shrimp raid, as our MT has a habit of gently placing Blood Shrimp in people’s pockets. The other team is called ThundercoungarFalconBird… I have no idea why. Our 25man raid is currently nameless, and I think that should be remedied.

Does your raid team have a fun name?

Guild Meet

I’m still here!

Sorry for the lack of posts, I’ve been a little busy lately plus I haven’t played WoW in almost 2 weeks so I haven’t had much to write about. Except of course, my guild meetup.

The meetup went so well. We had 16 people, many of whom had never met before all staying together in a lodge out in the middle of nowhere for 3 days. It could have been a recipe for disaster (a couple of our guildies drew comparisons to the house from Evil Dead after the 2.5 mile drive through the forest to get there), but everyone got along really well and we had a lot of fun. We played a whole bunch of board games, Rock Band, played with the horses on the property, had a campfire, imbibed a drink or two and generally just hung out and had a good time. It was worth the 30 hours spent in the car getting there and back.

Guild meetup lodge

The lodge

Some things I learned on the trip:

  • There are a lot of corn fields between Ontario and Missouri
Corn fields

So much corn

  • Strawberry Cheesecake pancakes from IHOP are delicious
  • American iced tea kicks Canadian iced tea’s ass (as long as it’s sweet tea)
  • The liquor store we stocked up at sold guns! That was different.
  • Drinking too much leads to drunken nighttime kayaking (not by me though)
Drunked night time kayaking

Kayak race

  • I ate grits for the first time. They were good.
  • Sitting on a porch with a view, reading a good book and drinking and a cup of coffee is one of the best things in the world
Reading on the porch

My morning ritual - I wish I had a porch like this at home

  • I suck at chess
  • I’m very adept at making sangria. I’m even more adept at drinking it.
  • The quiet ones make the best werewolves
  • Cranium is a great game but takes forever when someone goes AFK (AFT?) every 5 minutes
  • Lining up for a group photo is just as difficult as lining up for a kill pic. And camera timers are hard!

We’ve already started talking about next year’s meet. Hopefully we can go for longer this time.

Arm of Hades

Arm of Hades!

Tree Cower

Tree Cower

Road Trip!

I’m going to be away from the blog for a few days.

My guild meet is this weekend. Tonight me and 7 of my local guildies are heading out to Missouri to meet up with some of our American members. We’ve rented a cabin for the long weekend and I am super-excited to meet everyone.

Whee, road trip! 

See y’all next week.
(I’m practicing my southern drawl 😛 )