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Hunter Tips for Norushen

These tips apply to both normal and heroic modes, since it’s pretty much the same fight.

Norushen is basically a single phase fight, but is made more interesting with the addition of a corruption bar, which reduces your damage done to the boss, and a test realm, which is an individual task players must complete to remove their corruption.

The fight

At the beginning of the fight, everyone starts out at 75 corruption, which causes you to do reduced damage to the boss. It’s important to note that the reduced damage only applies to the Amalgam of Corruption. You can still do full damage to the Manifestations of Corruption (big adds) and Essences of Corruption (small adds). All damage done to the adds gets copied to the Amalgam via Foul Link, so adds should be your top dps priority

DPS get purified by clicking one of the gold orbs around the room, which brings you to the Test of Serenity and killing the mobs in there. There are 2 types of mobs:

  • Manifestations of Corruption move freely and do a frontal cone attack which is avoidable. Killing this removes 40 corruption. Assuming you go in with 75 corruption, there will be one of these in the test realm.
  • Essences of Corruption are stationary, but can pivot around. They do an attack in a line in front of them and can put up shields that will deflect any attacks from the front.Killing these removes 15 corruption. Assuming you go in with 75 corruption, there will be three of these in the test realm.

If you have not killed all the adds within 1 minute, you’ll get ported out of the test realm.

You want to get your dps purified so they can do full damage on the boss. However, any add killed in the test realm will spawn in the normal realm and the raid will have to deal with it. So, you need to pace the rate at which dps gets purified.

The normal realm is fairly simple. There will be raid-wide damage throughout the whole fight. When a Manifestation is killed, it will drop a small void zone which needs to be soaked (by standing on it) or it will pulse heavy raid-wide damage every few seconds. Soaking these give the soaker 25 corruption so tanks and healers should be handling these. DPS should not soak unless they will be going down to the test realm to get purified soon. The  best strategy is to have your whole raid stacked up behind the boss to make healing easier.

The other big ability you need to worry about is Blind Hatred. This happens every 60 seconds. A beam will appear going from the Amalgam to a floating skull and rotate around the room. You can tell which way the beam will go by the facing of the skull. Don’t get hit by the beam.

Once the boss reaches 50%, he will spawn an additional Manifestation of Corruption every 10%.

Talent Recommendations

Level 75 – Blink Strikes

Level 90 – Barrage
Barrage isn’t going to do a whole lot for you when you get to the end of the fight, but for the first half, when there are little adds spread around the room, Barrage is going to hit a whole lot more of them than GT will. Make sure you’re using it after a wave or two of adds has spawned.

Tips for Hunters

While you’re in the test realm, kill the Manifestation first as it poses the most danger to you. You can also get SS up on the Essences while they don’t have shields up. Your pet will be immensely helpful in killing these since it will always attack from behind. Disengage is helpful for positioning yourself so you can get around the shields.

In the normal realm, you basically just stand and shoot with the exception of running from the Blind Hatred. Misdirect the Manifestations onto the current tank when they spawn, and make sure you’re focusing adds – target adds who are close together first so you can take advantage of Beast Cleave. When Barrage is up, position yourself so you can hit as many adds as possible.

If you’re going to be one of the first people purified, I’d hold off on using big cooldowns like Stampede until after you’ve come out of the test realm.

Happy hunting!