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Rise of the Tomb Raider review

I’ve apparently forgotten how to write. So, here’s a video review of Rise of the Tomb Raider!

Difficulty in Games

The writing bug just isn’t biting me lately, but I sure am making a lot of videos. This one is at least closer to a blog post.

I spend some time talking about game difficulty. What difficulty I like to play on, whether I like to replay on increased difficulties. I also talk about some different kinds of difficulty – a requirement for quick reactions, memorization, strategy, harsh punishments – and which of these I enjoy.

What are your feelings on game difficulty?

Rule of Rose (Retro Game Review)

I’ve got a new video review up. It looks at the rare and somewhat controversial PlayStation 2 game, Rule of Rose. Check it out if you’re into survival horror.

Die Hard Arcade (Retro Game Review)

This week I played and reviewed Die Hard Arcade on Sega Saturn. Who else used to play this at their local movie theater?


Snatcher (Retro Game Review)

Everyone’s been talking about Metal Gear Solid 5 lately and I’d never played a Kojima game (aside from PT). I do plan to play through the Metal Gear series at some point, but thought I’d start with one of this other games, Snatcher, on Sega CD.

Here’s what I thought of it. It’s a bit longer than my usual videos (and took forever to put together), but I had a lot to say.

Top 5 Gaming Pet Peeves

I’ve got a new video up about my top 5 gaming pet peeves. Who doesn’t like talking about things that bug them in games?

If you’re not a video watcher, my pet peeves (right now) are:

  1. Games that don’t let me invert the Y-axis.
  2. Episodic games.
  3. Durability and gear repair.
  4. People who constantly correct you about minor details, or try to “teach” you about a game that you clearly already know a lot about.
  5. Quibbling about review scores.

Feel free to share your pet peeves!



This is for day 21 of Blaugust.

Time for another retro gaming review for day 21 of Blaugust. I played Gun-Nac for the NES for the first time and found it’s an amazing shoot’em up.