My Top 30 NES Games

Today Nintendo announced the NES Classic, a mini-replica of the original Nintendo Entertainment System, that will come with a pre-loaded library of 30 games. The 30 games selected are not surprising (for both licencing and popularity reasons) but it raises the question – what are your top 30 NES games?

I came up with a list of mine. My total NES games played probably tops out short of 50, so most of the games I’ve played will appear on this list. Inclusion doesn’t necessarily denote quality 😛

  1. The Simpsons: Bart vs. the Space Mutants
  2. BreakThru
  3. Legendary Wings
  4. Hudson Hawk
  5. Maniac Mansion
  6. Dr. Mario
  7. Bubble Bobble
  8. Tengen Tetris
  9. Galaga
  10. Adventure Island
  11. Super Mario Bros. 2
  12. Duck Hunt
  13. Chip n’ Dale Rescue Rangers
  14. Classic Concentration
  15. Flintstones: Suprise at Dino Peak
  16. Gun.Smoke
  17. Super Mario Bros.
  18. RBI Baseball
  19. Klax
  20. Kirby’s Adventure
  21. Panic Restaurant
  22. Tetris
  23. Monopoly
  24. Mega Man 2
  25. Adventures in the Magic Kingdom
  26. The Guardian Legend
  27. Super Mario Bros. 3
  28. Star Tropics
  29. Felix the Cat
  30. Gun-Nac

It looks like there’s an overlap of 9 games between my list and what’s going to be offered on the NES Classic.

11 responses to “My Top 30 NES Games

  1. Wow, I didn’t hear about this! This is awesome! Will be on my Christmas list for sure. 🙂
    Aywren recently posted..*Heavensward Spoilers*

  2. Nice to see Breakthru on your list. I rented this game and hated it back in the day, but it has since grown on me.

    • I only played it because someone requested a review. I quite liked it, and appreciated that it was short.

  3. Ha! What a great list. Gun-Nac is such a full-blown blast of lighthearted shooter zaniness, did you do a video on it? And Hudson Hawk is underrated by most, nice to see it — and StarTropics so high, of course.

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  5. Hey there! I was expecting SMB3 at the number one spot. I’m surprised Felix the Cat scored higher. I recently revisited this game and it’s fun and all… I’m wondering what your reasoning here is, with all respect.

    • Hmm, I like that I can finish it in one sitting (without skipping half the levels), it’s not a game that’s been made a dozen times over, and I like magic cats.