Not a Nuclear Physicist – Media Mavens episode 5

The latest episode of Media Mavens is out! We talk to writer Megan Patterson about the CW show The 100.

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Guest intro 00:00:52

We start with a brief introduction to our guest, Megan Patterson. You can find her on Twitter and find her writing at Paper Droids and The Mary Sue.

What we’ve been doing 00:02:35

Megan – @mk_patter

  • Dragon Age: Inquisition
  • Witcher III
  • Robin McKinley’s fairy tale adaptations, currently reading Deerskin
  • Lady Dynamite

Riley – @Kaleri_

  • Overwatch
  • Saga, finished volume 3
  • Legend of Korra

Pam – @jasyla_, Cannot be Tamed

The 100 00:30:48

  • Wells Jaha and why Pam quit The 100 the first time
  • Clarke, maker of impossible decisions
  • Octavia the badass
  • Stop torturing Raven
  • ALIE and The City of Light
  • S3 finale and where will it go next season?
  • Fashion
  • Likable Murphy?

Listener Questions 1:38:00

  • Most post-apocalypse/sci-fi shows/movies have very obvious moral messages – do you think there is one with the 100 and if so, what is it? If not, why not? @SerrinneWoW

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