Blaugust Complete

This is day 31 of Blaugust.

Well, I did it. 31 posts in 31 days. It was easier than I thought it would be, except for one point in week 4 when I never wanted to look at another blog again.

Let’s look at the positives fist. I learned that I can put out content much more frequently than I usually do. Of the 31 posts, there are only 5 that I really consider filler that I never would have posted if not for Blaugust. That’s not too shabby. This was a really good writing exercise. Another positive is that I found more blogs to read and tried to comment more often than usual. I also got more comments than usual here (at least at the beginning of the month).

Most of the negatives of Blaugust have to do with oversaturation. After a while, the challenge was not only putting out my own posts out but also reading other people’s posts. A post a day on 50-100 blogs is a lot of reading especially since I don’t tend to read on weekends, so they pile up. I read and commented less as the month went on, and I in turn received less comments. My post links on Twitter barely got shared at all, likely because there were so many of them. Likewise, I did very little retweeting myself.

Traffic-wise, this month I received less views than 10 of the 12 previous months. So posting daily didn’t really drive traffic. My post viewed post was Breaking News, Women Play Video Games, while a number of my posts got only a handful of views (especially the ones where I just embedded a video). There were a couple posts I really liked that didn’t get much attention, I’m sure at least partially because they got buried under everything else.

Overall, Blaugust was an interesting exercise and I’m glad I did it. I won’t be making an effort to continue to post this much though.

I’d ask you how Blaugust was for you but I’m sure everyone is writing this post today.

6 responses to “Blaugust Complete

  1. Congrats on finishing this event, Pam! I agree, part of the downside is keeping up with the daily posting of so many people, it becomes overwhelming after a while.
    Dahakha recently posted..The Secret Lore – The Third Age

  2. Congrats on surviving the event. I also wish I had commented more but there were just sooo many posts.

  3. The onslaught of reading material was terrifying indeed, especially near the end when one was mostly focused on “argh, got to get my own post out first.”

    Hopefully activity in the blogosphere will dial back to something more manageable, and yet not drop to total silence either, just a leisurely easy-going pace for all.
    Jeromai recently posted..Blaugust Day 31: What Next?

  4. Congrats for getting through Blaugust. Since you point it out, that probably was the biggest challenge was trying to read all those posts. I’ve also seeing a pattern about traffic being static or going down during blaugust, probably due to readers and whatnot where people can read from.
    Tyrannodorkus recently posted..Blaugust Day 31: Finish Line

  5. Oh, fun idea. To bad I missed this, it would most likely have been a fun experience to try and do. GG 🙂
    Hateloadingscreens recently posted..Interactive Stories/Fiction/Novels. Ever played/read one of those?

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