The Best and Worst HotS Heroes, according to Pam

This is for day 24 of Blaugust

Here are my highly detailed and scientific observations about how the different Heroes rank.

The Most OverPowered heroes

Criteria: These are heroes that make me sad when I see the opposing team has picked them.

Heroes of the Storm - Kael'thas

Jaina – Not so much her on her own, but once she gets that Water Elemental she’s a real pain the ass.

Kael’thas – His ability to blow up everyone makes up for his squishiness. Once he get to higher levels he does a ton of damage. Paired with Jaina? Oof.

Kharazim – He does way too much healing for a damage dealer. Or way to much damage for a healer. Likelihood of nerf in next patch? High.

Leoric – Does way too much damage for a tank. Undying the most annoying ability ever.

The Most Underpowered Heroes

Criteria: These are heroes that make me sad when I see the my team has picked them.

Heroes of the Storm - Tassadar

Gazlowe – Gaz is really clutch at interrupting people who are trying to collect a tribute or hand in dubloons. Otherwise… I’d prefer any other specialist.

Tassadar – He’s kind of half a support, and I’m always confused as to whether I should pick a real support when someone takes this guy. Doesn’t do much damage or healing. He’s good at finding Nova and, in my experience, yelling at the rest of the team for not utilizing his shields properly.

The Lost Vikings – Does anyone play these well? Though honestly, I think I’ve seen them in maaaaybe 1 ranked match. Ever.

Sgt. Hammer – I love you Hammer, but you’re bait in a ranked match.

The Heroes Most Dependent on Player Skill

These heroes are wildcards. It totally depends on who is playing them.

Heroes of the Storm - Nova

Murky – Some Murkys soak up XP like a mofo. Some Murkys leave their egg in the base the entire game.

Nova – A good Nova is likely to go 40-0. Let them get to level 20, and she’s going to kill you and your entire family. A bad Nova rides their pony around for the entire game OR spends a lot of time shooting creeps.

What do you think? What characters make you cringe when you see they’ve been picked?

2 responses to “The Best and Worst HotS Heroes, according to Pam

  1. I haven’t seen enough of Kharazim to form an opinion one way or the other yet. I put him on par with Tyrande atm as a hybrid dps/heals.

    Poor Tassadar. He needs some love, he really does. I tried to make him work, I tried ever so much, but shields are just no substitute for heals, and when one of his heroics is pseudo-CC, and the other is more fucking damage? On a hero who does flimsy damage to start with? That’s just bad design. It got to the stage where the only button I thought was actually useful was the little AoE. For killing minions.

    I find Arthas is similar to Leoric in being a little too damage-heavy for a tank. Granted, that’s only when you are in his aura thingy. But still.

    Gazlowe is someone I have spent a lot of time with, and he really shines in certain maps. Take him in the wrong map, like BB, and it’s painful for everyone involved. He is probably the weakest of the specialists, though, I agree. Hammer is someone I can’t play well, but I have played against some really good Hammers who just dominated. Really good on the Dragonshire map to guard the Knight.

    The one hero I hate seeing on my team is Abathur. I just never feel like they do enough to compensate for the lack of a 5th body. Yet I’ve been frustrated by opposing Abathurs many times, so…maybe it’s another one to add to the “depends on player skill” list.

    Never seen Chen or Lost Vikings in ranked (thank the gods).
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    • The problem I have with Kharazim is that so much of his healing is passive. With Tyrande you still have to target someone to heal (and spend the mana to do it).

      I tried to play Tass and he was just so boring. And a support who can’t even heal a character up in between combat, so they always have to B or hit the moonwell anyway? bleh.

      Abathur is a strange one. First impression is that when someone takes him you’ll always be going 4 vs 5. However after playing him once or twice I can see the benefit. The problem is that if he’s not using his squidy thing on you, you really have no idea what he’s contributing.

      I’ve seen Chen once or twice. Everyone complained when he got picked, but the matches went okay.