This is day 18 of Blaugust.

This post is based on a writing prompt from Void.

If you were to create content for a different medium what would you choose? Videos, Streaming, Podcast, Something Else? What about that medium appeals to you as a content creator?


I really want to do a podcast. I’ve guested on a number of podcasts over the past few years and always really enjoyed it. A had a very, very brief stint as a regular co-host (if you can call 2 episodes regular) which I really enjoyed as well. I like writing here and I’ve really been getting into videos lately, but they’re both very solitary mediums. There are comments which I love getting and responding to, but it’s still not really a conversation – the content is created solely by me. I really crave the opportunity to sit down and talk and collaborate with people about video games on a regular basis. I think a podcast would be the best way to do that.

What stopping me? Hmm. Indecision. Fear of commitment. I don’t know what kind of podcast I want to have. Do I want to do the usual – what’s the news? What are you playing? One of my favourite podcasts I’ve been on was my first appearance on Justice Points where we did a deep dive on the latest Tomb Raider game. A podcast where I get to spend an hour or so really dissecting a single game per episode really appeals to me.

Who do I want to do the podcast with? Ask one person to co-host? Two co-hosts? A rotating selection of co-hosts? How would we split responsibilities and control of the podcast? I don’t really want to be in another situation where my (I use that term very loosely) podcast ceases to be and I don’t have a say. So I want control, but I also want people to bounce ideas off and collaborate with.

While I sit here wallowing in indecision, here are some great podcasts I listen to regularly and recommend:

Cat Context

Justice Points

Match 3

Spawn on Me

The Heroine’s Journey

The Smartest Man in the World

2 responses to “Podcast?

  1. I do hope that you do decide to create a regular podcast. I think you have a lot of interesting things to say and are a good communicator. I watch your videos and it is clear that you have an eye for quality content creation. May be you should consider a show structure where you take the lead and become the anchor so to speak.

    I believe I owe both you, Hannah and Sean a belated apology for the rather abrupt way in which the Contains Moderate Peril podcast came to an end. Expanding the team was a good idea and it is no reflection upon anyone that the show closed. I simply ran out of steam on that project and should have realised that at the end of 2014. So I’m sorry for the inconvenience and annoyance caused.

    There are lots of game related podcasts out there but many are just generic. I think producing any kind of show that isn’t just a bunch of guys talking the same old guff, would be beneficial to the gaming community. As to the podcast format perhaps the best approach would be to adopt one that allows you to expand and doesn’t constrain you.

    Overall, despite being a cliché, there’s a lot of truth in the statement that podcasts are a labour of love. Yet they can also be extremely rewarding for both the creators and the listeners. Sometimes the only way to determine if something is sustainable is to just do it. Good luck with your ongoing endeavours and if you do decide to podcast, then I will definitely listen.

    • Thanks Roger. I would really like to start a podcast project. I agree that more varied voices are needed in the medium. I heard a joke on Twitter a while ago (I think it was from AppleCiderMage): What do you call a group of white dudes? A podcast. haha.

      I need to sit down and make decisions and just go for it.