Organizing Steam

This is day 14 of Blaugust.

Today on Knifesedge Blogs, there was some commentary on organizing Steam. My Steam collection is up to 151 right now (too many), and I use a few custom categories in order to sort everything.

Steam organization - GamesFirst, there’s the defualt – Games.

This has a lot of stuff in it. It includes both games I’m currently playing and games I plan to play sometime in the near-ish future. Games that I continually go back to (like Civ 5 or CS:GO) are in here, though now I’m thinking they should have their own category.




Steam organization - Games 2Next, there’s Games 2. These are the games that I plan on playing… maybe. A lot of them are games I got as part of a bundle that don’t totally spark my interest, but I plan to try them out at some point. Some, like Fallout 1 &2 are games I’ve played before but plan to play again at some point.

Steam organization - HmmThe cleverly named Hmm category is for games I haven’t quite decided if I will play. Some, like Warlock or Syberia, I’ve tried and they didn’t totally catch my interest.  Others I haven’t tried yet.

Steam organization - Go awayGo away houses the games I don’t want to see because I don’t plan to play them, for a variety of reasons. Some I never chose to add to my library, like DOTA, which seems to be forced on all Steam users. Others, like Prison Architect or Face Noir, are games I played a bit of but had no affinity for. And some came from bundles but don’t interest me at all.

Steam organization - FinishedThe Finished category seems pretty self-explanatory. These are finished, done, complete. I beat them, I won. Yay!

12 responses to “Organizing Steam

  1. That Agricultural Simulator 2011 tho… 😀

    I only have 5 games on my steam list.

    – Sonic Adventure 2. The main reason why I even bothered with Steam in the first place. Sadly, my PC controller isn’t compatible with the game. Apparently I need some Xbox type of controller. 🙁

    – Goat Simulator. The only game I even touch nowadays. Very goaty. 11/10 would goat again. 😀

    – Airmech. A game I won from Beso’s (@besoyt) twitch stream last year. Not really my kind of game.

    – Critical Mass. A game I got for free from Short.( AbilityPowered) on twitter. She was giving away free codes so I snatched one.

    – Dust: An Elysian Story. Actually got my attention to buy it and give it a try. I like it but wish I could use a PC game controller and not the keys..

  2. I have been using categories for long while and have found them to be the most useful feature. Plus they work in small mode too.

    I have about 12 categories mostly based on genre, I have an un-installed group but then I have an unplayed group that in theory I wanted to put all new purchases into before sorting them properly.
    welshtroll recently posted..A mixture of things

    • I didn’t discover them theat long ago, but they make things much easier as my library grows. Now I’m thinking of more categories to use.

  3. You didn’t like Broken Sword?! I thought it was one of the classic adventure series that everyone should play, like Monkey Island or The Longest Journey. I have 4 of the 5 atm, so they’d better be good…

    Wait you finished Dangerous High School Girls In Trouble? I need to know what you liked about it!

    I liked Trine 2, though in small doses. I am wondering what turned you off Galactic Civ II, as I know you like 4X.

    I think my categories are similar to yours – I might steal this topic as a Blaugust prompt. 🙂
    Dahakha recently posted..The Secret Lore – The Kingdom

    • I only played about 45 minutes of the first Broken Sword. It was a little too slow moving for me. I actually find it difficult to get into older point and click adventure games if I haven’t already played them.

      I hated Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble. It was okay at the start, but once I left the school I had no idea what was going on and the mini games got really boring. I guess I didn’t technically finish it, but since it’s basically a board game I felt okay putting it in the finished category.

      Galactic Civ was just too much to learn. I’m finding myself less willing to spend a lot of time learning a game upfront. I figured I have Civ 5 and XCOM for my strategy needs, so I put that one aside.

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  5. That reminds me I never did go back and finish The Bridge, thanks!

    I really ought to get around to organizing my Steam Library, too. I know it’s not helping me complete games when I don’t have them organized at all. >_>

  6. You’re a lot more strict at cutting games off than I could ever be! More power to you!
    And I’m so jealous of your completed games list 🙂