Video Game Crushes

This is day 13 of Blaugust.

Today I saw two posts, from And Then She Games and Mrluvvaluvva about video game crushes. I like this topic and game crushes was one of my favourite questions from the gamer questionnaire I made a while back, though some people scoffed at it. PS, if you’re looking for a Blaugust topic and haven’t done this yet…

So, here are some of my crushes from video games.


Dragon Age: Inquisition

Cullen - Dragon Age Inquisition


Cullen has supplanted Alistair as my main Dragon Age man. Sorry Alistair. He’s sweet, handsome, has a nice solid desk, and wears a feathered ruff that David Bowie would envy.


Quest for Glory 4

Katrina - Quest for Glory 4

When I run into her outside of The Dark One’s cave at the beginning of Quest for Glory 4, I know this woman is clearly bad news. But I don’t care. She’s dark, mysterious, powerful, and always leaves you wanting more (at least until she reveals her true nature and tries to plunge the world into darkness). Also, she’s voiced by Jennifer Hale.


Final Fantasy 7


Yeah, I know. I’m the worst. Shut up.

Jeanette Voerman

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines

Jeanette Voerman - Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

As a fellow Malkavian, Jeanette was constantly hitting on me when I visited her at her club, the Asylum. Aaand, it worked. Her mad musings are kind of poetic, and we get along just like fire hoses.

Gabriel Knight

Gabriel Knight

He’s kind of a jackass, but he has really nice hair and is full of smart ass comments. He also happens to be a Schattenjäger, hunter of shadows. Plus in the second game, The Beast Within, there’s this kinda hot FMV scene with him and Baron von Glower.

 The Boss

Saints Row series

Saints Row 4

Since you make your own character in Saints Row, The Boss is basically just me, as a gang leader, with purple hair and Laura Bailey’s voice. So putting her on my crush list is kinda masturbatory and narcissistic, but fuck it, I love her.

Who are your video game crushes?

10 responses to “Video Game Crushes

  1. Jeanette was perfect for my adolescent boy mind. Absolutely perfect.
    Murf recently posted..#Blaugust Day 13: Zero to Superhero, Please Make More Comic Book MMOs

  2. I love that Volition got Laura Bailey to do the voice acting for the Protagonist. She’s an amazing voice acctress. I also love that they didn’t write every character to have a firm sexual orientation. And don’t get me started on Saints Row IV’s romancing.

    p.s. Your character looks just like you!
    Aaron “Arcade Android” recently posted..Yogi Bear’s Gold Rush

    • Me too, she’s great. She’s actually been in a lot that I didn’t even know. She’s Jaina in Warcraft – I played for years and never knew that.

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  5. Jeanette Voerman fan animation-

    Might be cool to see the full thing made!

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  8. I can’t help but think about having a 4 way with Alistair, Anders, and Cullen. I know they are all similar but their crappy jokes will probably make me laugh as I fall into bed.