MoP – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

I know we’ve likely still got 6 months to go before Warlords of Draenor is released and Mists of Pandaria is officially over, but honestly, the end feels overdue already. I thought this would be a good time to look back at the expansion and think about what aspects were great and which ones were not so good.

The Good

1. Pandaria is beautiful. The zones are varied and interesting. From the wildlife to the landscapes, everything looked good. The final cut scene in Jade Forest took my breath away the first time I saw it, and opening up the gates to the gorgeous Vale of Eternal Blossoms for the first time was one of my favourite moments from any expansion.

2. Challenge modes. I loved doing challenge modes the first time around. Small group content that was actually challenging? Amazing. These were a whole lot of fun. I will say though, I found they lost their luster a bit after I got  my first set of golds. Maybe it was because healing them on my Druid was more challenging than dpsing on my Hunter. Maybe because by the time I got around to them on my Hunter the people I was running with had already done them so many times, and there were countless CM guides and videos out so the problem-solving aspect was gone. Either way, when these became less challenging, I found them less rewarding. But they were amazing the first time around.

3. Different types of solo content. MoP added a lot of things that people
could do to occupy themselves. Proving grounds were a nice challenge, the individual parts of the legendary quest line were unique, pet battles (more the collection aspect really) gave me a lot to do, even farms provided me with something to do for a little while. There was also Brawler’s Guild, rare hunting, and many treasures to find.

4. Raid content, for the most part, was good. There were a lot of different,  interesting bosses. The devs played with some new mechanics and gimmicks (some successful, some not). I found tier to be 14 the strongest raid tier (even though it didn’t last long enough), buts tiers 15 and 16 had their shining spots as well.

The Bad

1. The grind. MoP had a lot of grindy components – dailies, rep, valor, coins, lesser charms. That kind of thing is never really enjoyable. However, I’m putting this in the ‘bad’ category instead of ‘ugly’ because it wasn’t that huge a deal. I know many raiders claim they were forced to do everything all the time, but I’m not one of them. I didn’t want to do Golden Lotus dailies when MoP launched, so I didn’t. I lived. My raid killed bosses. Besides, by the time you farmed the rep and the valor to get that revered for that chest or ring you wanted, one would drop for you in raid the very next day – that’s how it works.

2. Legendary Cloaks. How do you make a legendary item feel anything but legendary? Give it to everyone. Then give it to all of their alts. Besides feeling completely unspecial, making the legendary so ubiquitous also meant that if you wanted to raid occasionally on an alt (especially as a dps) you basically needed the legendary to be at all viable. If you didn’t want to grind through item collection, rep and valor, you pretty much had to resign yourself to the fact that your output would suck. I did find that 90% of the legendary questline was enjoyable – but only once.

3. All the things that made guild/raid administration so much harder than it needed to be.

  • Some raid encounters (heroic Ji-Kun, Dark Animus, Spoils of Pandaria) required spreadsheets in order to organize everyone. It went so far beyond “assign x healer to use a cooldown, y dps to interrupt this mob, and group z to stand here” it was ridiculous. The 9 different mobs in the Paragons of the Klaxxi encounter have a total of roughly 40 different abilities. I killed those guys a dozen times on normal and never actually understood what was going on.
  • Things like Thunderforged/Warforged gear and the ability for raiders to coin loot made loot systems more difficult to deal with.
  • Six different ilvls of loot in a tier and four different raid difficulties.
  • Raid comp requirements varied wildly from fight to fight. Some fights heavily favoured comps with lots of rogues and hunters, some were better with many warlocks (most of them, really). Heroic Thok required 8 healers. Garrosh – 3 or 4. What are those other 5 healers supposed to do? 
  • All of the raid meta achievements that had multiple requirements (like Megaera, Lei Shen, Dark Animus trash) made getting people their metas in raid complicated and repetitive. I didn’t even get mine in ToT, and I’m the GM who rarely missed a raid 🙁

The Ugly

1. Spending a year in the last tier of content. I know, I’m a broken record on this, but it’s awful piled on top of more awful because it’s the 3rd time it’s happened. People are bored and it’s a problem.

2. Healing became a game of cooldowns and button mashing. During the first tier of the expansion, healing was interesting. Mana mattered, I used most of the spells in my spellbook. As time went on this changed and healing turned into spam all the AoE/smart heals all the time. Very dull. Healing was also made less interesting my the amount of non-healer raid cooldowns available. With 3 offpsec HTTs, a few DAs, a boomkin to Tranq and a Warrior or two to do all the things they do, the way to defeat harder encounters usually involved dropping healers. I thought I’d be a healer forever, but the progression of healing in MoP managed to drive me into a dps role.

3. Lag and disconnects. There were a few things in the game that caused some awful lag, especially in 25s. Things like smart heals and Stampede were blamed, though they apparently got fixed. Lag stuck my raid most fiercely on Lei Shen and Siegecrafter, and we lost more than a few raid nights to it, as the game was basically unplayable for some people. It’s one thing to not kill a boss because people couldn’t perform adequately, it’s another to not kill it because half your raid has so much lag they can’t move out of spell effects fast enough.


Those are the highs and lows that stand out for me in MoP. What parts of the expansion did you love or hate?

5 responses to “MoP – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

  1. Good: Lots of bosses each tier. It’s more content for one thing – more puzzles to solve, and allows for more granular progression. Also it gives some room for bosses to be “just ok”, without it making the entire tier feel empty.

    Bad: I miss being able to sell BoE items from raids. I suck at making gold, but having VP items/gems to sell from a raid was great, and felt productive even if I got no loot. Item upgrading isn’t thrilling to me, and it has a cap.

    Ugly: I will echo the ability lag problems that seemed to be at their height in Throne of Thunder. I remember feeling really annoyed, because the content in that tier was great, but the lag killing my play really soured the experience. Thankfully it seems to be mostly resolved in SoO.

    • Good point about the BoE items. We always used them to fund the gbank, and without them, our gold reserves have definitely dwindled over time. Even the crafting items haven’t made us much.

  2. Going to add to you and Esoth since I pretty much agree with everything you guys have posted.

    Good: I’m going to focus on mechanics here since I think you guys covered most of the other stuff.

    1. Flexible Raids. Siege of Orgrimmar Flex sort of lost its luster, but it’s expected (as with all the other difficulty modes for that matter) with the raid itself being out for so long. The concept itself though is great and I’m happy they are expanding on it in Warlords.

    2. Shared Tap. You can be happy you find a rare without worrying about tagging it, and it’s good that people out in the world are more a help (or at worst, neutral) than actually being a burden. Agreed wholeheartedly that “a full world should make you happy, not grumpy.”


    1. Disenchantment. (This time, the pun wasn’t intended). To expand on Esoth’s comment on BoE’s, I don’t like the enchanting mats. I switched my profession to Enchanting, and a day + 75 item restorations (the cap) later, I was ~100K richer *immediately* (I got many, many thousands more later). It’s not good for individuals except enchanters. It’s horrible for crafting as the cost of materials makes it nearly impossible to turn a profit doing it. It’s not good for guilds, because instead of materials going to fund a guild bank, it’s taken by enchanters who intentionally/unintentionally hoard the 100’s of K of profit to themselves.

    2. Forged gear. Going to say this out loud again, but you do NOT feel “more excited” to kill Immerseus the 30th time because you “might” (aka, won’t) get some 1% HWF piece. No, you don’t feel excited regardless because it’s the 30th time killing a boring fight. It’s just a nightmare for loot hoarders (again, people can do this subconsciously not entirely out of pure greed) and for guild leaders.

    3. World Bosses. It led to a good system (shared taps) but the bosses themselves were far, far from living up to their potential.

    4. Valor Upgrades. Just no.


    1. Alt Unfriendliness. It got “better” (though you can argue it was really just “less bad” not “better”) but when it comes to stale content that will be out for months, alts are a great way to fill the void. With the requirements of doing old content in stages, there’s no real interest in alts anymore so there is nothing to do.

    2. The PvP quests for the Legendary Cloak. You make a quest to win 1 BG (just one). People who do not PvP, do not want to PvP, have no gear/setup for PvP, and have no knowledge of PvP… Are forced into PvP. Result? A disaster for everyone, both the person forced to PvP (when he doesn’t want to) and the actual people who enjoy random BG’s – because now they are surrounded by people who don’t want to be there. This is just an abomination of a quest (I’d put Ugly x5 on it, if I could).

    3. 10 versus 25. Thank god this is disappearing, hopefully for good.

    • I found flex was neutral for me. In terms of tech, it’s a great direction, but in terms of what they did with it in MoP, I didn’t find it that big of a benefit. Because of the lower level difficulty/lower level gear, it wasn’t like we could make use of it when we were short a raider or two. Instead flex just ended up being extra raids, and as you said. extra SoO got tired fast. I think expanding flex in WoD will be good though.

      I’m a bit torn on the Forged loot. On one hand, if it weren’t for Warforged, I would have been completely done with gear months ago, giving me nothing loot-wise to look forward to for the last 2 bosses. On the other hand, having the slim possibility for better loot has just meant more disappointment for the last month or two. It seems like a way to draw out content.

  3. I couldn’t agree more about the healing issues. I don’t have any healers but my tree, and she started out so interesting… I’m quite curious how the healing changes next xpac will play out.

    Challenge modes were brilliant. I love 5 player content since it really gives hunters and our versatility a great venue in which to shine.