Hunter Tips for The Fallen Protectors

The Fallen Protectors is a council-type fight with a lot of adds, target-switching and abilities to know about. Though the damage meters on this fight should typically be dominated by the multi-dotters, Hunters can still do pretty well. Here’s a brief rundown of what you should be focusing on as a hunter along with some tips on how to make sure you survive fight and make the most of your abilities to help out your raid group.

The heroic mode of this encounter isn’t a whole lot different. Each boss’ abilities will increase in power until they enter a Desperate Measures phase, but they’re still handled the same. 

The fight

This fight has three bosses – Rook, He and Sun – who do not share a health pool. Each boss has 1 damaging ability you’ll need to avoid during the fight. Rook will throw barrels at random targets – get out of the swirly on the ground. He will drop poison puddles – but these are more of a melee concern, ranged shouldn’t really be near them. Sun will cast Sha Sear – this is just like a Priest’s Mind Sear – if you are the target, you should run away from others to avoid damaging them.

When each boss reaches 66% and 33% they summon extra adds into the fight. The order you take the bosses down to these levels doesn’t really matter, but you want to keep their health levels fairly close, and you want to make sure adds are dealt with before pushing the next boss over. While adds are up, they should always take dps priority over the bosses.

Rook will summon 3 adds. The kill priority for these should be:
Embodied Sorrow > Embodied Gloom > Embodied Misery

  • Embodied Sorrow will cast Inferno Strike on a random player. The damage is shared, so people just need to stack on Sorrow (or they can solo soak if they have an immunity, but that’s not really necessary on normal). If you’re the target of Sha Sear, you should run out of the group until the cast is done. Inferno Strike is the most dangerous ability, which is why Sorrow is the first kill target.
  • Embodied Gloom will cast Corruption Shock, which can and should be interrupted.
  • Embodied Misery is really only a pain in the ass for the tank, so it dies last.

He will summon one add, Embodied Anguish. This add will focus a player with Mark of Anguish, which roots the player in place and deals increasing amounts of damage. This can be passed to another player by using the special action button. Mark should be passed to players with good damage reduction cooldowns, but not to tanks as it leaves an armor debuff. Everyone should focus the Anguish while it is up.

Sun will summon a number of adds: Embodied Despair, Embodied Desperation and a number of smaller Despair Spawns. She will also cast Dark Meditation, which requires everyone to stand inside her Meditative Field (this kind of looks like AMZ). Ranged should focus on killing Embodied Despair and Desperation (doesn’t matter which one is first), while the melee kill the Spawns.

Once all the bosses are under 33%, you won’t have any more adds to worry about. At this point you just need to make sure they’re damaged evenly and killed at roughly the same time.

Talent Recommendations

Level 15 – Crouching Tiger, Hidden Chimera 

Level 75 – Blink Strikes

Level 90 – Barrage
Make sure you time Barrage well. If Barrage is up and and Rook or Sun is about to push to 66/33%, hold off on using it until the extra adds spawn. Also make sure you’re positioning yourself correctly.

Tips for Hunters

This fight, though it seems complex, is actually fairly straightforward. DPS the correct target, don’t stand in bad – not a whole lot of utility is needed. One thing hunters can excel at though is handling the Mark of Anguish. You can easily hold on to the Mark for 15 seconds, meaning it doesn’t need to be passed so often. When you get the Mark, hold it until your health starts dropping low, then use Deterrence. As soon as it wears off, Deterrence again. The downside is that you can’t shoot anything with Deterrence up. You can drop traps though, so you may as well drop some fire and some snakes under the mobs. Also make sure your pet is on the Anguish.

Deterrence should also work on Inferno Strike, though I haven’t personally tried it and it shouldn’t be necessary on normal.

2 responses to “Hunter Tips for The Fallen Protectors

  1. Barrage was coming out far ahead for me. This was on heroic, but nothing should really change.

    While this is very anecdotal…it was doing roughly double the damage with me as BM as a fellow hunter running SV and Glaive toss. That doesn’t account for the arcane damage loss, but barrage still wins.

    Binding shot was also useful to keep the little adds during sun’s desperation in the center.

    • Thanks for the comment. I started the tier pretty undergeared and my gear has been changing drastically from week to week so it’s been hard for me to compare the talents well. However, I did switch to Barrage on heroic Protectors and I did like it. I’ll edit things.