5.4 Hunter Raid Gear

The following is the new raid gear available to Hunters in 5.4. It includes gear from Siege of Orgrimmar and the world boss, Ordos. I have not included the new Timeless Isle crafted gear, as it’s low level and has random stats. I assume this list will also come in handy for Enhancement Shaman (though I haven’t included your tier pieces). 

I’m only listing one level of loot in this list (Normal). However, there are actually 6 different ilvls for all raid loot excluding Tier pieces (because 5 different ilvls last tier weren’t enough!). Bosses in Siege of Orgrimmar have a small chance to drop Warforged gear in normal and heroic modes (not in LFR or Flex). Warforged gear is 6 ilvls higher than it’s regular counterpart gear. So the new gear levels for raid drops are:

  • 528 – LFR
  • 540 – Flex
  • 553 – Normal
  • 559 – Normal Warforged
  • 566 – Heroic
  • 572 – Heroic Warforged


Item Location
Dagryn’s Discarded Longbow Galakras
Hisek’s Reserve Longbow Paragons of the Klaxxi

Death Lotus Crossbow

The Fallen Protectors
Kor’kron Hand Cannon Malkorok
Hellscream’s Warbow Garrosh Hellscream


Item Location
Crest of Burning Deeds Ordos (World boss)
Haromm’s Horrifying Helm Kor’kron Dark Shaman

Penetrating Gaze of Y’Shaarj

Garrosh Hellscream
Headguard of the Unblinking Vigil (T16) Thok the Bloodthirsty


Item Location
Firearrow Shoulderpads Ordos (World boss)
Shoulderguards of Intended Power Garrosh Hellscream
Quarantine Shoulderguards Norushen
Spaulders of the Unblinking Vigil (T16) Siegecrafter Blackfuse


Item Location
Moonhee’s Mean Vest Ordos (World boss)
Chestguard of Relentless Tyranny Garrosh Hellscream
Ancient Archer’s Chestguard Spoils of Pandaria
Tunic of the Unblinking Vigil (T16) Sha of Pride


Item Location
Bowflight Wristguard Ordos (World boss)
Dagryn’s Fuselight Bracers Galakras
Wristguards of Ruination Malkorok
Bracers of the Infinite Pipes Siegecrafter Blackfuse


Item Location
Precision Cutters Iron Juggernaut
Keengrip Arrowpullers  
Grips of Unending Anguish The Fallen Protectors
Gloves of the Unblinking Vigil (T16) General Nazgrim


Item Location
Lightkindler Waistguard

Ordos (World boss)

Canoneer’s Multipocket Gunbelt Galakras
Arrowflight Girdle Spoils of Pandaria


Item Location
Desirae’s Dashing Leggings Ordos (World boss)
Leggings of Unabashed Anger Norushen
Legguards of the Unblinking Vigil (T16) Paragons of the Klaxxi


Item Location
Puddle Punishers Immerseus
Minelayer’s Padded Boots Iron Juggernaut
Ravager’s Pathwalkers General Nazgrim


Item Location
Smoldering Eye Ordos (World boss)
Immerseus’ Crystaline Eye Immerseus
Gleaming Eye of the Devilsaur Thok the Bloodthirsty


Item Location
Poisonmist Nightcloak Kor’kron Dark Shaman
Cape of the Alpha ??


Item Location
Reality Ripper Ring Norushen
Swift Serpent Signet Galakras
Ring of Restless Energy Malkorok
Kil’ruk’s Band of Ascendancy Paragons of the Klaxxi


Item Location
Assurance of Consequence Sha of Pride
Haromm’s Talisman Kor’kron Dark Shaman
Sigil of Rampage Spoils of Pandaria
Ticking Ebon Detonator Siegecrafter Blackfuse

4 responses to “5.4 Hunter Raid Gear

  1. Andrew Farrell

    Just a note here (which I’m sure you knew and left out to keep it simple) –

    The Warbow off Garrosh is an Heirloom, designed for questing next expansion – it doesn’t come in Warforged, but it is always 8 levels higher than the standard Flex/Normal/Heroic that it’s found in – so 548/561/574. Doesn’t appear in LFR.

    • Thanks Andrew. Yes, I did know that, but wanted to keep things simple. Seven ilvls – so many! I didn’t know it wasn’t found in LFR though.

  2. Still miss the rating between these items, especially the rating between the hunter’s trinkets.
    Does LFR’s Assurance of Consequence over-power the 530 5.3 trinkets?
    What is the order of importance between the trinkets?

    • The BiS trinkets look to be Assurance of Consequence and Ticking Ebon Detonator. I would think the LFR’s AoC is better than any of the 5.3 trinkets, but I’m not a theorycrafter.