Jasyla’s Resto Druid UI

It’s been a while since I’ve done a UI post and it’s been updated a fair bit over the last year or so.

A good UI is an important aspect of raiding, especially for healers. Having all the information I need on-screen and placing somewhere easily visible (but without causing unnecessary clutter) helps a lot with my awareness and reaction times.

I need to make sure my UI tells me everything I need to know. As a resto druid and healing lead, here are the important things:

  • The health levels of the whole raid
  • The mana levels of the raid
  • Who has a debuff that I can get rid of
  • Who has a debuff that needs to be healed through
  • When my abilities are off cooldown
  • Who my HoTs are ticking on and for how long
  • Who has aggro
  • Who is out of range
  • When a boss is casting or using a special ability
  • The status of everyone’s healing/mitigation cooldowns
  • When other healers are using certain abilities

To me, determining the things that are not important and can be cleared from my screen is almost as important as determining the things that are important. Things like trade skills, mounts, spells I never use in raids, and holiday items do not need to be visible on my screen. I don’t even use healing/threat meters in my UI because I feel like they take up too much space (and I’d rather look at healing in World of Logs anyway).

Here’s what my UI looks like while in a raid (though I usually have my achievement tracking turned off).

Resto Druid PVE raid UI

And one while in combat:

Resto Druid PVE raid UI in combat

Here are the addons I use:

Action Bars

Dominos bar addon
Dominos is my main bar mod. With it I can arrange my action bars as I like. One of my favourite things about this addon is the ‘faded opacity’ settings. With this I can keep abilities that aren’t used much in combat (mounts, bags, menu buttons, and in my case dps abilities) on my bars but have them invisible until I mouse over them. In the above screenshot all the bars outlined in red are normally hidden.

GreenRange turns buttons red when abilities are out of range.

OmniCC cooldown counter addon

OmniCC adds numerical countdowns to abilities that are on cooldown so you can tell exactly when they’ll be ready for use again.


X-Perl unit frame addon

X-Perl is what I use for my self, target, target-of-target, focus and pet (if applicable) frames. I also use the X-Perl cast bar.

VuhDo raid frames

VuhDo is what I use for healing. I made the switch to it from Clique a few years ago and now I can’t imagine using anything else. I use VuhDo to keep track of everything I need to know about the raid (health, mana, debuffs, my HoTs) and I do all my healing through VuhDo’s built-in mouse bindings.

Tidy Plates addon

Tidy Plates are tidy (duh) and customizable name plates. I use the Grey/Damage theme.

Combat Text and Notifications

Deadly Boss Mods

Deadly Boss Mods is what I use for raiding. I keep the boss timers off to the side of my screen and then they move front and center when an ability is about to happen.

Mik's Scrolling Battle Text

Mik Scrolling Battle Text makes it easier to see combat information like your healing done and incoming damage and heals. I used to use the font MS Porky’s just to drive people crazy, but I just changed it to match my X-Perl and VuhDo font.


oRA3 is a raid assisting addon. I mainly use it to track raid healing and mitigation cooldowns.

Restoration Druid Power Auras
Power Auras Classic
gives big, visual (and sometimes audio as well) reminders. I use this to track when spells are available for use and my Harmony uptime. I previously wrote a post on my power auras.

Raeli’s Spell Announcer (not shown) announces when I use certain spells in whichever chat channel I choose. I like for all my healers to use this mod so we can all see when a cooldown is being used in healer chat.

Fatality (not shown) announces the last damage a person took before they died. Usually the raid leader uses this, but I make sure to turn mine on if she’s not in the raid. I feel lost without knowing immediately what killed someone (and if I could have prevented it).

Other Nifty Things


SexyMap sexifies my minimap. It makes it look all leafy and druid-like and hide all buttons until I mouse over the map.

Prat 3.0 (not pictured) is what I use for my chat frame. The main thing I use it for is to move the text input box so there’s no longer a gap between the frame and the bottom of my screen.

8 responses to “Jasyla’s Resto Druid UI

  1. Very nice write-up. You’ve finally convinced me to start using ORA3. I’ve been thinking of downloading this for a long time.

    I do have a couple of questions:

    1. I recently took the combat text completely off my UI. Sometimes, I wish I could see the numbers still, but in general, I find that I don’t miss it.

    How do you use your combat text during an encounter? Am I missing out on something?

    2. When I switched to Tidy Plates, I actually switched to Tidy Plates: Threat Plates. I use the Healer/DPS mode which clearly shows which mobs are happily being tanked by someone else and which ones a paying a little more attention to me by changing the colors of the name plates. This probably isn’t really necessary, but it has come in handy at times. As an example, on Omnotron Defense system, the slime fixated on me had a purple name plate, so I could easily see if the slime fixated on me was still running around or if it had been killed.

    Does Tidy Plates alone offer this kind of functionality? If not, is this something that you think sounds like a good thing to use, or does it seem like overkill?


    • I use combat text because I just like seeing green numbers popping up all over my screen. It can get to be a little much but I try to set it up so it doesn’t update HoT ticks too quickly and get too spammy.

      I believe the healer/dps mode plates can show threat as well. You can set them up to show when you have threat. However, I’m not sure if you need to have threat plates installed in order for this to work or not. Generally in raids I don’t find names plates overly useful. On a fight like Spine of Deathwing where there are a million adds running around I won’t display name plates at all because they cause too much clutter. As far as threat goes, I find it sufficient to see my frame on VuhDo get highlighted when I have aggro on something.

  2. Very nice write-up, Jasyla.
    I constantly find myself discontent with my UI, wanting to tinker with it every two weeks or so.
    Damn it, now I want to change it again. Your fault! =)
    Except for a few differences in preferred addons, I find that our setups don’t differ that much. Then again, I guess it’s the same basic stuff for most raiders.

    An alternative to Fatality could certainly be Recount’s/Skada’s death counter. Since you let Recount/Skada show only your latest fights (I’m sure no one gives a crap about total damage/healing/hugs of all fights, including trash, right? Right? Alright, I’ll give you hug tracking, but the other things: no, no, no!), you can pretty easily see what killed a person — provided you show it at all.
    It’s more detailed than a simple “X was killed by Y’s ability Z”, as you can, for example, see that they didn’t receive any direct heals for the last 8 seconds before their death or that they took most of the fatal damage from standing in a purple puddle of doom and a DoT tick just finished them off.
    Of course, the trade-off is that it’s not as immediate. You have to look it up yourself.
    Of course you can also check WorldofLogs for these things to the same effect (insert some stuff about exceptions to the rule). However, I can’t ghostwalk into the instance and be on the desktop at the same time, which makes Recount/Skada the more convenient method. Oh, the horrors of having only one monitor!
    Danslate recently posted..[Beta] And I Thought Leap of Faith Was the Only One …

    • I don’t use a dps/healing meter on my healing characters, though I’m sure Skada’s death counter provides more information than Fatality. When I want details I go to World of Logs death log (I’m a master at the ninja alt-tab) to see exactly what happened.

      I like Fatality because it doesn’t take up any room on my screen, it just puts 1 lin in my text box for every death. During a fight all I’m really looking to see is an extra notification that someone has died, and if someone died to something avoidable.

  3. Thanks for the post, it inspired me to install ora3. Sadly I cannot get it to work for me. The test bar works quite fine but not in the raid. I suspect it’s another add on that’s mucking up things but I couldn’t find anything. Is there a good alternative for ora3 for healing/migitation CDs of the healers?

  4. Can you please send me interface folder and wtf folder only addon settings ?

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