PSA: Twitter, Communication and Manners

Imagine this…

Someone on the Internet has pissed you off (I know, I know, this is an outlandish situation I’m suggesting, but bear with me). Maybe they’ve disagreed with something you firmly believe in. Maybe last night in Dragon Soul they wouldn’t get out of the fire no matter how many chances they got and kept wiping the raid. Maybe they’ve just been an absolute jerk.

Despite common practice, the appropriate course of action is not to go on Twitter and snidely make vague, undirected comments about the situation. This doesn’t fool anyone. Anyone who has been privy to the situation will know exactly what you’re talking about. The person you’re making the snide comments about will know exactly what you’re talking about. I suppose that’s the point. However, acting this way is passive aggressive and tacky. At best it accomplishes nothing. Likely, it makes everyone involved more angry and draws more people into a situation they don’t really need to be involved in.

Try taking the high road. Directly tell the person in question that you’re upset with them and why. If you feel like being super mature about it, you could even do it in private rather than on Twitter. The situation has much better chance of being resolved this way.

Communication tends to work better when you say what you mean, to the person you want to hear it.


8 responses to “PSA: Twitter, Communication and Manners

  1. So which person is this post directed at? :p
    Esoth recently posted..Hagara

    • It’s directed at everyone 😛

      If I were to list every example of this behaviour I’ve seen this post would be a wall of text that would put my GM’s lengthy posts to shame. And I’d likely have to call out myself once or twice as well.

  2. +1

    Seriously. It’s not clever and it is tacky. I had something like that aimed at me recently. My solution was to roll my eyes, unfollow and block. I don’t have the patience for people who can’t disagree with at least a little bit of respect.
    Alas recently posted..Kiss My Alas Goodbye

  3. Well said.
    The internet (through it’s anonymity and long distance abilities) had made such behavior easier then it was in the past. spoken like the old man I am

  4. I’m tellin’ ya, Twitter Guidelines for guilds are going to be the new hotness as people start getting more socialized and stuff. The random tweets that people shit out can often do more harm than they realize.

    Still working on guild Pinterest guidelines :\.

  5. Great soapbox!

    Fortunately, most people are mature enough to take it somewhere private and/or involve appropriate authorities (ie: raid leader etc). It’s probably just me, but this seems to be a rare occurence, thankfully.
    Aidrana recently posted..The raiding off-season, alts and me

  6. I agree completely…but let’s face it, 75% of WoW players are passive aggressive. The supposed anonymity of a computer screen makes people believe they’re in an Iron Man suit void of any consequence.
    JD Kenada recently posted..Playing Mad

  7. A social media policy for guilds….