Resto Druid Gear – What to Wear in 4.3

When 4.3 came out I posted a list of all the new gear available in 4.3 (which was just updated yesterday). But what gear should you be aiming for? What do you need from raids and where should you be spending your valor points first?

Normal Mode Dragon Soul

Here’s a good gear set to aim for if you currently have access to normal mode raids:

Helm – Deep Earth Helm (Dragon Soul – Warmaster Blackhorn)
Shoulders – Deep Earth Mantle (Dragon Soul – Hagara)
Chest – Deep Earth Robes (Dragon Soul – Ultraxion)
Wrists – Bracers of Flowing Serenity (crafted)
Hands – Fungus-Born Gloves (Valor vendor)
Waist – Girdle of the Grotesque (Dragon Soul – Hagara)
Legs – Deep Earth Legwraps (Dragon Soul – Yo’sahj)
Feet – Boots of Fungoid Growth (Valor vendor)
Neck – Petrified Fungal Growth (Dragon Soul – Morchok)
Back – Woundlicker Cover (Valor vendor)
Ring 1 – Ring of the Riven (Dragon Soul – Hagara)
Ring 2 – Signet of Suturing (Dragon Soul – random boss drop)
Trinket 1 – Seal of the Seven Signs (Dragon Soul – Warlord Zon’ozz)
Trinket 2 – see note below*
Relic – Lightning Spirit in a Bottle (Valor vendor)
Weapon – Maw of the Dragonlord (Dragon Soul – Madness of Deathwing)
Offhand – Ledger of Revolting Rituals (Dragon Soul – Ultraxion)

*There are a number of options for your 2nd trinket. For those who favour output over regen (like me!), go with Windward Heart (Dragon Soul – random boss drop). If you’re more into regen, go for Heart of the Unliving (Dragon Soul – Spine of Deathwing). It’s a sizable loss of Intellect, but 880 spirit not something to overlook if you’re having mana issues. Alternatively, if you have heroic Jaws of Defeat (Firelands – Majordomo) it’s still a very strong option, providing both a large amount of Intellect and mana savings.

Hard Mode Dragon Soul

Once you start killing heroic Dragon Soul bosses, you’ll want to upgrade all of your valor and crafted gear to the heroic raid gear. Even if the secondary stats on the valor gear look stronger, the extra Intellect that comes from the better ilvl will always be worth it.

Upgrades from the normal mode list:

Wrists – Mycosynth Wristguards (Heroic Morchok)
Hands – Deep Earth Handwraps (Heroic Warlord Zon’ozz)
Feet – Treads of Sordid Screams (Heroic Ultraxion)

Valor Gear

Valor points burning a hole in your pockets? The first upgrade to get is the Woundlicker Cover for 1250 points. It’s really the only cloak option, so you may as well get this one first.

After that, just upgrade your lowest ilvl pieces. Good choices will likely be Boots of Fungoid Growth (1650 points) since the boots in Firelands were poorly itemized or the Lightning Spirit in a Bottle (700 points) if you’re still using one of the ilvl 378 relics.

21 responses to “Resto Druid Gear – What to Wear in 4.3

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  2. Why have you chosen the Ledger over the Dragonfire orb?

    They have the same amount of int, but the orb has mastery instead of spirit. What am I missing?

    • They’re both completely viable options. My reasons for choosing the Ledger is that the Orb is a trash drop (and I usually don’t see many of those) and there will be more competition for the Orb. I’d rather just take the Ledger and leave the Orb available for the locks and mages since it’s their only option.

  3. I heard a rumor that the ICD on the Seal of the Seven Signs is 2 minutes, which would make it not as good as it looks on paper. However, I haven’t gotten my hands on one to test yet.

    Do you have one to play with yet? Can you confirm /deny that?

    • I don’t have one, but I have looked through the logs of guildmates who do. It does look to be a 2 minute ICD.

      Even with a relatively low uptime though, I think it’s the strongest trinket. Getting extra ticks on RJ, WG and LB for ~17% of a fight is still a pretty large amount of extra healing. Plus it has the most intellect.

  4. According to my Raid Leader, Resto druids shouldnt aim for t13 397 4 set
    over t12 391 4set

    is this statement correct?

    • I would disagree with your raid leader I think there’s a chance he just wants your token… But that’s just me.

    • T13 will be better than T12 is ANY and ALL ways. Your guild leader is, sadly, a ninja or a dumbass.

  5. i have Ti’tahk the 2h staff instead of the main hand and offhand combo what do you think of that instead? i think the haste increase is quite good in comparison for fellow raiders and myself. ive also got the mace and offhand in bags and ive tested either way what do you think?
    droodietroll recently posted..Evaluating Feral Druid Tanks with World of Logs

    • I’d definitely go with the Maw. It provides a huge amount of free healing. It usually does somewhere between 5-8% of my healing. The haste from the staff is good, but it would be better if a dps had it equipped.

  6. I’ve been looking through the stats for the staff Visage of the Destroyer compared to the main-hand/off-hand combos. It seems to be overall better but I’m not sure if it would actually work out better for my heals. Would know how they worked?

    • Regular Visage of the Destroyer (when gemmed) gives you:
      730 Stam
      516 Int
      350 Spirit
      2786 SP
      246 Mastery

      Regular Maw plus the Dragonfire Orb (when enchanted and gemmed) gives you:
      737 Stam
      561 Int
      2945 SP
      179 Mastery
      157 Haste

      So using Maw instead of the staff means:
      +7 Stam, +45 Int, +159 Spell Power, +157 Haste at the expense of -350 spirit and -67 mastery.

      I definitely put more value in the Int, SP and Haste gain over the Spirit loss. Plus, the proc from Maw can easily make up 5% of your healing on any fight. Maw is far superior to Visage.

  7. So I’ve been trying to look into opinions of various people on what the BiS neck for this tier would be, between the Choker off of H Domo (obviously with epic gem), and the Fungal Heart from H Morchok.

    Flowform Choker:
    +316 Int
    +163 Haste
    +133 Mastery

    Petrified Fungal Heart:
    +306 Int
    +204 Spirit
    +204 Haste

    I would assume we would be reforging the Spirit off the neck into Mastery, which would give us 82 Mastery and 122 Spirit. This makes the comparison:

    10 Int + 51 Mastery vs 41 Haste and 122 Spirit

    Looking at the comparison, I would usually say that 10 Int does not beat out 112 secondary stats, but given that Resto Druids are usually full of Haste and Spirit (especially if they go with Heart of Unliving for the 2nd trinket), that Mastery is a lot stronger in a throughput situation. The question is, would one think it would be strong enough to consider a 61 point difference in secondary stats? I think so, but I want other opinions.

    • It’ll depend on what else you’ve got equipped, but I’d still go with the Morchok neck. I wouldn’t value 10 Int over all those other secondary stats. You should still be able to reforge spirit/haste off other pieces if you’re drowning in it.

      Also, don’t overlook the extra 75 stamina from the Morchok neck. It’s not a stat we generally gear for but an extra 750 health can help in fights with heavy raid damage.

  8. Honestly, I think Seal of Seven Signs is a pretty bad trinket it doesn’t add much to our healing since we need a specific amount of haste to get a increase in ticks from our hots and this will only increase lifebloom and rejuv ticks.. ontop of that it can and will often proceed in a badly timed spot since a lot of fights only need heavy healing in 1/10th of the real fight.

    • What Seal of the Seven Signs adds to our healing is 458 Intellect, tied with Windward Heart for the most Int on trinkets. You are right, the proc isn’t fantastic, but it’s not terrible either. I generally try to make sure the first proc isn’t wasted by making it proc a little before a pull so it won’t proc again until a minute or so into the fight.

      On fights where mana is not an issue I wear the Seal and WH. When mana is an issue I replace Seal with Heroic Jaws (it could be replaced with Heart of Unliving if you don’t have Jaws).

  9. I’ve just recently returned to my druid, as our guild is now in need of a competant healer until we can find a couple regulars who actually rock up, Ive been reading all over the web that t13 4 piece is crap, and to only get 2 piece set bonus.

    Can someone please confirm/deny this statment?

    • It isn’t a great bonus. The problem is its very difficult to tell how much extra healing you get from it since the timeslip heals don’t look any different from the normal HoT ticks in a combat log. Still, I’d say even a poor set bonus is better than no set bonus, and it’s not like the valor point pieces are better than the tier pieces.

      The tier legs have more Int and 3 red sockets while the valor legs have 1 red and 2 yellow so I’d take those.

      The helms are comparable, though you may need the haste from the tier helm if you choose the tier legs.

      I’d go for the 4-set with the chest, legs, shoulders and helm if they are available to you.

      • Yeah I have to agree that any additional healing is better than nothing! even if you cant see them.

        At the moment only the gloves have shown up ( only upto lfr week number 2 ) so ill just avoid buying chest/helm/legs with vp till last.

        another question: can you just briefly run through your spell priority for me, since coming back I feel a bit spastic sometimes and feel I’m doing soemthing wrong, other than obvious LB on tank, wild growth on cd when needed. how else should i prioritize my abilities?

        Thanks 🙂

  10. elaborating on my previous comment.

    I’ve been reading that 2pt13 +397 vp gear is better than getting the 4pt13.

    After doing a little research online the 4p set bonus seems pretty meh, but obviously i have been unable to test it.

    Can anyone shed some light on it before I start using vp for legs/helm/gloves?