My Best Wow Memory

This is Day 4 of the 20 Days of WoW Blogging Challenge.

My favorite WoW memory is not something that happened in the game. It happened at an Irish pub. This is where I first met Shtanky, Lvachequirit, Ardhiel, Rundvelt, Loviatara, Shadu and Veztro; the founding members of Arm of Hades. They were at the pub having their monthly officer meeting. I’m generally kind of shy and not the type of person who would sit down with a table of strangers at a pub and talk for 3 hours, but that’s exactly what ended up happening. I couldn’t resist the idea of face-to-face WoW talk. At the time most of the people I played WoW with were people I only knew online. The thought of a group of local friends running a guild and getting together to discuss the game over pints every month was amazing to me. We talked about Karazhan strats, loot distribution and a whole bunch of other game topics and everyone told me I should roll a new toon on Vek’nilash and join their guild.

It took me a while – I wasn’t sure that I wanted to play with 2 guilds on 2 servers – but about a month later, I made a hunter and joined AoH. I got not only a 2nd guild but also a group of really great friends.  Not everyone from first pub night is still playing, but we’ve had a lot of other local people join who have also become good really friends. Since then there have been lots of good times in-game along with a lot more trips to the pub, Rock Band parties, UFC nights, and guild trips to both Missouri and Indiana where I got hang out with a lot of great non-local guildmates as well. And it all started with that one chance encounter at the pub.


2 responses to “My Best Wow Memory

  1. Your horde guild sounds awesome! I’d love to meet these incredibly handsome healers you speak of!

    • The healers are incredibly handsome. I don’t know how they can be such awesome healers and so attractive all at once. It’s almost too much.