Living Seed, Blessing of the Grove and Gift of the Earthmother

A while back I wrote a post comparing the two optional talents Living Seed and Blessing of the Grove to see how much healing they did and which one was the better talent for me based on my own healing style. I found that over all T11 content, Living Seed was worth more than double the healing of BotG.

I always meant to re-examine these two talents in T12 and see how they measured up on the Firelands fights. I decided to expand the analysis to also look at Gift of the Earthmother, another pure HPS increasing talent, and see how it compares.

The talents in question

Blessing of the Grove – Increases the healing done by your Rejuvenation by 2/4%. This applies both to the normal heal over time effect and the instant part of the spell you get from Gift of the Earthmother. But, as I covered in my last post, this descripion is misleading. The healing bonus stacks additively not multiplicatively, so depending on what other talents you have, 2 points in BotG really only increases your Rejuvenation healing by 2.55-2.66% not 4%.

Living Seed – When you critically heal a target with Swiftmend, Regrowth, Nourish or Healing Touch spell you plant a Living Seed on the target for 10/20/30% of the amount healed. The Living Seed will bloom when the target is next attacked. Without actually taking this talent and checking your logs, it’s very hard to project how much healing this will do. It is dependant on many factors: how many direct spells you use, how often they crit, whom you are casting your direct heals on (Living Seed is most likely to bloom when put on a target who is taking constant damage). Its output can also be increased substantially by having full points in Nature’s Bounty which will make Regrowth crit most of the time.

Gift of the Earthmother – Increases the healing done when your Lifebloom expires by 5/10/15%, and causes your Rejuvenation spell to also instantly heal for 5/10/15% of the total periodic effect. The bonus to Lifebloom is generally most useful when you’re in Tree of Life and can toss LBs around the raid and let them bloom. The small instant heal on Rejuvenation can be useful at any time.

The numbers

Before I get into the analysis, I want to state that these numbers are based on my healing style and my spec preferences. Your mileage may vary if you don’t cast as many direct heals or don’t take the same supporting talents. I do not have Blessing of the Grove in my spec, but the numbers are very easy to project if you know how much healing Rejuvenation did. This is the spec I used for all the fights tested.

Let’s take a closer look at Heroic Beth since I think my healing on that fight is very well-rounded – during phase one I intercept Broodlings and spend most of the the time single-target healing myself, while phase 2 is 90% raid healing.

Breakdown of healing spells on heroic Beth'tilac

Breakdown of healing spells on heroic Beth'tilac

Living Seed

Total Living Seed Healing Done = 145,286
Healing per point (LS healing/3) = 48,429

Blessing of the Grove

Rejuvenation healing done (the normal HoT portion) = 1,480,305
Instant Rejuv healing done (from the GotEM bonus) = 153,250
Total Rejuvenation healing done = 1,633,555
Extra healing from BotG (2.55%) = 41,655
Healing per point (BotG healing/2) = 20,827

Gift of the Earthmother

Lifebloom ‘bloom’ healing = 202,250
Extra ‘bloom’ healing from GotEM (202,250/1.15 x .15) = 26,380
Instant Rejuv healing done = 153,250
Extra healing from GotEM = 179,630
Healing per point (GotEM healing/3) = 59,877

On heroic Beth’tilac, Gift of the Earthmother nets me the biggest increase in HPS/talent point at 59,877. Living Seed is close by at 48,429, while Blessing of the Grove is lagging behind at only 20,827.

I did this for every Firelands fight I’ve completed: 6 Heroic fights and 7 pre-nerf normals. Here’s a summary of the results:

Comparison of Living Seed, Gift of the Earthmother and Blessing of the Grove based on healing done

From this chart it’s clear that, for me:

  • Living Seed gives me the most bang for my buck in Firelands. The fights with the most tank damage (H. Shannox, H. Majordomo, H. Baleroc) get the most benefit from LS.
  • Gift of the Earthmother gets stronger on the fights that are heaviest on raid damage.
  • Blessing of the Grove lags behind, providing a fraction of the healing of the other talents.

If you’re interested in seeing the full numbers and formulas (including links to the WoL reports I used), the spreadsheet is available here.

6 responses to “Living Seed, Blessing of the Grove and Gift of the Earthmother

  1. Your post is making me reconsider LS for our raid this week! I’ve always found the talent to be fairly weak, mainly because it has the capacity to overheal quite a bit, but seeing how weak BotG is, it’s making me reconsider it as quite a solid option.

    Also, I wanted to ask how well you fair without Swift Rejuvenation talented. I’m considering dropping it, but I’m quite use to being GCD-locked with it and I’m wondering if you have any math on it as well! Thanks again for the informative mathy post!
    Juvenate recently posted..New Blog Domain!

    • In my experience, Living Seed doesn’t overheal much at all. On most fights it’s under 10% overheal for me. Once in a blue moon it’s around 20%. I think the biggest factor in how much healing it will do for you is how much you use Regrowth and whether you have Nature’s Bounty.

      I have not done any of my own math on Swift Rejuvenation. I’ve used TreeCalcs to try to figure out what a difference it makes, but I have trouble looking at theorycrafted numbers as opposed to “real” numbers. The Main worksheet on TreeCalcs shows a 4% increase in healing from Swift Rejuvenation. The problem I have is that the worksheet also lists the HPS potential of my gear/spec as 57000 HPS, so it seems to be modelling the numbers after ideal, maximum output conditions, when in real fights there is more of an ebb and flow in terms of how much healing you can or even need to put out.

      I was using Swift Rejuvenation at the beginning of T12. I dropped it for NS and never missed it. The talent reduces the GCD of Rejuv down to a minimum of 1 second. With 2005 haste our GCD (of all spells) is already down to 1.21 seconds (and down to 1.05 seconds with Nature’s Grace active). That 2/10 of a second isn’t a big enough difference for me to notice while I’m playing.

  2. I knew Blessing of the Grove was not really a strong talent, but it’s interesting to see how “good” (in comparison) Living Seed apparently is. I never liked it “back in the day”, although “back in the day” means mainly Icecrown, and there you didn’t use more than a handful direct heals in any given fight. Especially with Harmony, you’ll have to use SOME direct heals, and you’re right, the crit chance on Regrowth (with NB) is quite high.

    I might have to revisit the trainer, after all.

    • None of those optional talents are fantastic, but I do think Living Seed is the best option of the three if you use Regrowth a fair bit. It’s definitely stronger than it was since Harmony was introduced.

      I’d really like to see Living Seed improved at some point. I like the idea of the talent but if they could make it trigger off HoT crits, or stack on repeated crits it would be much more valuable.

  3. BTW, it’s actually even lower than 2.55% – Harmony also stacks additively with all the other crap that stacks additively :/