Double Disc and other Distractions

Blizzcon is this week! I’m so excited. Okay, I’m not going to the actual Convention, but I’m excited to go to California for the first time, meet up with 10 of my Apotheosis guildmates and meet a bunch of my favorite bloggers and Twitter friends at the various meetups. I’m also excited to play Chrono Trigger on the flight (though I may have to forgo my usual habit of self-medicating on airplanes if I want to get the most out of it).

Anyway, on to the real topic. I’ve been playing a discipline priest as my Horde main since the beginning of Cataclysm and I love it. I love bubbles, I love cooldowns and I love sparkly spell effects. There’s only one thing about it I don’t love – healing with other priests. The thought of playing with another disc priest, the thought of not being able to Shield someone because they have another person’s Weakened Soul on them, drives me mental. Truth be told, this hasn’t happened much. I raid 10s and am usually the only healing priest in the raid. The only times I’ve ever had to heal with another priest is when we’ve been short and needed to borrow from one of the other teams to fill our raid. This has happened maybe half a dozen times, and hasn’t happened in T12 at all. So why am I thinking about this now?

Last night in my Alliance raid, our two disc priests were both assigned to heal tanks on Ragnaros. I, even though I was on my druid and this assignment had zero impact on me, immediately had a (completely internal) freak out.

“Two Disc priests on the same targets?!?  But…but the bubbles! And the PoMs! Aaahh! /sob /hide under desk”

Of course, everything was fine. One priest bubbled one tank, one bubbled the other. There was no fighting over weakened soul. The priests did not have meltdowns as they are obviously not raving lunatics like myself (at least not in this regard).

I think my issue stems from a lack of self-control when it comes to healing. Back in Blackwing Descent I filled in for one of our other raid teams and ended up healing with a holy priest. This was the first time I had ever healed with another priest. We were fighting Maloriak. I was healing the main tank and the other priest asked me not to bubble the aberration tank, as he was planning to do it for the Body & Soul speed boost. Of course I said okay, no problem. What’s the first thing I do as soon as I see the aberration tank is taking damage? I bubble him. I apologize over Vent immediately, but then I do it again a minute later. I just can’t help myself. If someone is taking damage, I need to heal it (or prevent it, in this case). For me, not healing someone takes 10x more effort than healing them.

If I was told on my druid to not heal a tank, it would take every ounce of self-control and constant awareness in order to follow that. As soon as my mind wandered for a split second, that tank would have a Rejuv on him. And likely a 3-stack of Lifebloom as well.

The Arm of Hades officers occasionally throw around the idea of going back to 25s in the next expansion. On the one hand, I think this is great because I prefer 25s. On the other, I don’t know that I’d be able to play a Disc Priest in a 25man raid, where I’d likely have other healing priests to contend with. I’m originally a HoT-loving, heal-everyone-I-can-reach druid. I don’t know that I’ll ever be able to learn how to play nice with other priests. I want to Shield and PoM whoever I want.

How do you handle healing with other priests? Do I just need to suck it up, turn down the crazy, and learn to play nice?

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  1. Honesty, I don’t know how priests do it. I personally have a mini-meltdown if I’m healing with another druid. I don’t know why, I just always have. Which is probably a good thing we run with me and a resto shaman, and on occasion a holy pally or a disc priest. I know what when I’m given a healing assignment, I will ignore it half the time. I mean, I’ll heal my assignment but then I’ll also heal whoever else is taking damage.

    I’m a healer damnit. I’m not going to let the tank die just because he’s not my target 😉
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    • I used to be like that with other druids. In the 3 years I spent with my previous guild I got used to being the only one. We had a few join us, but they never lasted too long, so it was usually just me. It got to the point where I was like “I’m all the tree this raid needs, gtfo new druids” (I didn’t say that to them, of course). In Apotheosis I’ve gotten used to playing with another druid (and she was there first), so I’ve definitely mellowed on that front.

      • I think that’s my problem honestly. I’ve been The Tree for my guild since it was made. Other trees come and go. I actually end up hurt if the people I heal have a favorite druid that isn’t me. And boy, does that make me feel stupid 😉

        In one of my bad moments, I actually told one of the warlock that we run with that if I wasn’t her favorite, I wasn’t going to heal her. And I was only half joking 😉
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  2. Guilty on both counts. I hated healing with other druids and I went into a panic attack, the first night I healed ICC with another discipline priest (as a discipline priest). This behavior has even followed me into Rift. I hate healing with other Warden (which is a combination of the resto druid and resto shaman) and when I see there are HoTs flying around, other than mine, I get really uncomfortable and cannot wait to change roles.

    Strangely, when I get uncomfortable healing with other holy priests, it’s mostly a competition thing.

    By the way, I look forward to meeting you at BlizzCon!
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    • I think there’s always a bit of head-butting when you’ve got 2 healers of the same class. Priests can have issues with Shields and PoM, Shaman can fight over Earth Shields on 1-tank fights, Pallies have (had?) Scared Shield. I think druids are the ones that stack with the least problems actually. However, it can still be jarring when you’re used to being the only one of your class and then having to share with another person.

      See you at BlizzCon.

  3. Healing with other priests in general can be tricky, Sara and I already overwrite each others PoMs occasionally. Generally, we’ll pick one person each and try to stick with them for the fight.

    Healing with another disc priest is one of my least favourite things ever – especially if it’s a one tank fight. I hate it. I do appreciate the fact that Blizzard added Strength of Soul so that WS falls off faster, but it’s still annoying.
    I shield people like you do. I see damage, I bubble. It’s a natural reaction that is very hard to stop after 4+ years of doing it.

    If I’m healing away, and a shield pops up on Grid that isn’t mine (that is on my tank) I go through the process of; “What the FUCK. -> God damnit -> scrub this shit off -> bubblereallyfastsotheotherpriestcan’t -> haha sucker, eat it!” Then I watch my shield timer like a hawk so it doesn’t happen again.

    The absolute WORST timing for another priest to put up a shield is when you’re about to shield the tank because your Rapture timer came up. I can’t describe how infuriating this is. Gah!

    Priests make me grumpy. Maybe I should roll druid… 😉
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    • The first time I healed with another Disc Priest I freaked out for 2 reasons. First, the other priest whispered me “I’ll PoM so-and-so, okay?” I, being a noob who had only reached max level a month prior, was like “what? I dont care who you PoM, why are you telling me this?” Then she told me they would overwrite each other. I don’t generally have a set target for PoM, I just throw it on someone I know will take damage and has someone in 20-yards of them, so that took some getting used to. Then there was the weakened soul issue. The second time I healed with another Disc priest I went Atonement spec (even though I didn’t like it) just so I could have something else to cast, when I’d usually be casting shields on everyone.

      I wish Weakened Soul was priest-specific so priests stacked better in raids.

      • Not to like…be boastful but I think healing with another disc priest is totally fine if you know how to communicate well with that person, have good synergy, and think in similar ways. I think Kal and I pretty much have that down 😛 We both know where to not step on eachother’s toes (or bubbles) and know how to work things out – even without talking, I think. Make your other disc priest your best friend and you’ll have no troubles at all 🙂
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        • I think that might be part of my problem. As I said, the only times I’ve played with another priest they’ve been filling in on my raid (or I’ve been filling in on theirs) so we didnt have much time to get used to each other. Though, I still think double disc is awkward and I’d prefer to avoid it.

  4. Pallies used to have a similar issue in WOTLK with Sacred Shield – someone else SSing my target would wipe my SS and then that gimps my healing a little bit (and is just overall suboptimal). I *hated* it. I like to switch my Beacon target (and in the past my SS target) around during the fight so that I can make the best use of my skills. Not being able to do that because I have to play nicely with other paladins is frustrating hard work.

    Cheer up, hopefully 25s will never happen. 10s is more fun, has more personal responsibility, is more difficult and has more of a sense of team camaraderie – why would you ever want to do 25s? 😛

    • That sounds like a pain in the butt too. I don’t know why they make core spells like that not stack based on the number of paladins in the raid.

      10s aren’t more difficult 😛 I’ve always liked 25s. 40s were way too big for me, 10s are too small. 20s or 25s are just right.

  5. Having 2 Disc Priests in a raid can be frustrating, especially if there is a lack of communication. If I was a raid leader and had 2 Disc Priests I would assign one to tank healing and the other to raid healing, that way they are always focusing on different targets. It’s a lot harder to overlap 2 Disc Priests than 2 Resto Druids. They end up fighting against each other for HpS and it makes there abilities redundant. You can also have one Priest be a SoS spec while the other is an Atonement spec. It makes them a bit more diverse.

    Having a Holy/Disc Priest combo is much more manageable. Communication is still somewhat needed mainly for Body & Soul utility, but other than that Disc Priests shield the damage while Holy Priests heal the bars back up.
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    • Yes, I’m sure it can work if the priests are good with sticking with assignments, but I love to cross-heal. Even if I’m healing the raid, I always toss a Shield on the tank whenever I can. Having one priest go Atonement can make things a little bit better, but I’ve never liked Atonement.

  6. I heal with another Disc priest about 2/3 of the time. I actually don’t mind it at all, and my favorite 3 man healing team in my guild was the night we had 2 Disc Priests and a Paladin. I can see Shields and WS on my grid layout, and I’m only tempted to shield if the person is taking damage and they don’t have either of them. My brain just doesn’t keep track of whether or not the shield came from me. I just process that they are already shielded and move on with my next thought.

    I am currently not watching a Rapture timer. Every week I tell myself I’m going to set it up, but since I don’t have huge mana issues, I just don’t get around to it. I think that I’d be more uptight about the shields if I were trying to manage Rapture; however, that would then include me getting upset with myself for shielding the tank at the wrong time.

    The one thing that does make me crabby in raids is when a Holy priest shields the tank (not for B&S purposes). Luckily, I’m not paired up with Holy Priests much, so I don’t generally have to worry about it.
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    • I’ve never set up a Rapture timer either. I’m shielding all the time, so I never feel like I need one.

      I don’t even remember how my frames are set up for other people’s spells. I think I can see anyones weakened soul, but not active shields from other priests, or PoMs.

  7. I regularly heal with another priest, though usually I am holy and he is disc, although sometimes we have to double disc. What helps me is having his POM and bubbles and weakened soul on my raid frames. I have his POM colored differently so I know which one is mine and which one is his, and I just POM a target that DOESN’T have his pom on it.
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  8. Double disc in a 25m is mostly fine. They mostly have to communicate so they both have a steady stream of rapture procs, and don’t overlap pom, but I guess I’m not too bothered by it. My 25m runs with double-disc currently.

    It’s a lot more annoying in 10m, though.

  9. We run double disc in our 10 mans a lot. All it needs is a bit of management of who’s shielding who and when. As an aside I’ve found a rapture timer very useful. For example our setup is often something like:

    Shannox – I’ll be on the Riplimb tank and they’ll be on the Shannox tank. We agree who shields facerage targets beforehand.

    Beth – one upstairs, one downstairs, in P2 you’re often weaving shields on low people between PoH’s anyway, so there’s no rapture issues.

    Rhyo – on heroic, two healing, there’s ample people that are taking enough damage for shields on more than 1 person, in P2 the damage is so intense and short that it won’t matter. Double barrier, double PS, is the game breaker here. On normal I’d took the leg team and they took the ranged, but plenty of shield worthy targets here also.

    Alys – we’re split, each on one tank, on different sides of the room. No issues here. For P4, double barrier + PI & Wings is the game breaker again, plenty of shield worthy targets for weaving PW:S/PoH & to safely PoM off.

    Baleroc – I run an SoS spec, rather than my usual AA/ToT spec here, so that each of our heals are reducing weakened soul durations. Given that we’ll largely be rotating between tanks and shard soakers, there’s also little shield issues, and disc/disc is fantastic here.

    Domo – in Scorp there are ample targets to shield, in Cat we’re on opposite sides of the room shielding people who are leaped. A few issues here early on in cat without many leaps, but generally not enough to worry about. The tank just gets a shield from either. We have assigned Orb pairs to heal/shield, and they shield seed explosions and I’ll shield tank/other low people during those phases.

    Ragnaros – assigned tanks, one on each for shields, PoM your own tank. Assuming you manage to unalign the PoM timers your PoM will have at least jumped to one tank and back again before being overwritten because of the dot ticks.

    All it takes is a little co-ordination and pre-planning. Sure, at first, it was a little frustrating, but it’s second nature for us to say “ok, I’ll shield X, you shield Y”, or set our assigns up to cope.