Jasyla’s Anaheim Adventure

I’m going to Blizzcon!

Well, not really. I’m not going to the actual convention – the thought of being in a contained space with thousands of people and having to wait in lines gives me a nervous twitch – but I will be in Anaheim from October 20-23rd.

I’ve been seeing people talk about how much fun it will be for a while now on both guild forums and Twitter, I’ve read about meetups that will be happening so I decided – what the hell? I booked my flight last night. I plan on doing a lot of hanging around the hotel pool bar (Poooool baaaaar!) with my Apotheosis guildies and hopefully I’ll be able to meet up with a few of my favorite bloggers and Twitter friends as well.

October is shaping up to be a pretty amazing month. My wedding is on the first, my birthday is on the fourth and now I’ve got a California vacation to look forward to as well.

I am excited!

Are you going to Blizzcon? Any awesome meetups I should know about?

6 responses to “Jasyla’s Anaheim Adventure

  1. Hello!

    1) WoW Insider pre-party, should be the Thursday night before the convention. So, depending what time you arrive make sure you make it over.

    2) After party at the Hilton on Saturday night. Pretty much where everyone goes!

    3) Hanging out with your awesome guildies!

  2. lucky you 🙂

    Would be cool if they had one in UK or even well placed in EU so I could organise my guild to get together ^^ rather than sporadic clumps of just 3-4 people.

    Hope you have fun over there 🙂
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  3. Hell will be raised. Looking forward to hangin out!

  4. It’s gonna be a ton of fun! I’m actually staying at a Doubletree (It’s a few blocks from the Convention Center). I’m from Sacramento, so I will be driving in on Wednesday= 6 hour drive. Gah! No worries, I’m gonna get my suntan on!
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  5. I’ll be there! Can’t wait! We seriously need to get all the healers together at some point 🙂
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  6. I would love to go to Blizzcon however its far too much money atm.

    shame really