What’s better than one Ragnaros kill?

Two Ragnaros kills this week!

Ragnaros - Arm of Hades first kill

Team Hansel - we're so hot right now.

Last night Arm of Hades went into Firelands, one-shot Majordomo then killed Ragnaros for the first time. After 5 not so great attempts where people made silly mistakes and we didn’t get past the 2nd transition, our 6th attempt look us right to the end. We even got the achievement. We’re also the first Horde guild on our server to kill him! (yes, it’s a small server).

This means that next week I will be trying out my first hard modes on both my druid and my priest – Apotheosis just scored our first Rag kill on Thursday. I’m interested to see how the 10man and 25man formats compare for hard modes.

Wish us luck!

7 responses to “What’s better than one Ragnaros kill?

  1. Double grats! 😀

  2. Wow. Double Grats! I am interested to hear about your thoughts on 10 man H vs 25 man H.

  3. Congrats! We are heading in against him tonight. I look forward to posts about the kill! (And I’ll second Slice213, very interested in 10/25 comparisons! :D)
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  4. Grats to both your toons!
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  5. Thanks everyone!