How to Heal: Baleroc (25N)

This is a Druid healing guide for the Firelands raid instance. Though it’s written from a 25-man perspective, most of the tips should apply to 10s as well.

Baleroc is a healer test. There are buffs you need to manage in order to increase the power of your heals to keep up with the tanks’ massively inflated health pools.

If you’re not familiar with the general tactics of the fight, check out the Icy Veins guide.

Debuffs you want to be aware of:

TormentTorment – This debuff appears on the person standing closest to a Shard of Torment. It causes stacking shadow damage every second. There are 2 shards up at a time, so this debuff will be on 2 people.

Buffs you will get that you want to be aware of:

Vital SparkVital Spark – When you cast a direct heal on someone being damaged by Torment you gain stacks of Vital Spark (1 application per 3 Torment stacks on the person).

Vital-FlameVital Flame – When you cast a direct heal on someone with the Blaze of Glory buff (the tank) your healing on them will be increased by 5% per stack of Vital Spark you have. This lasts for 15 seconds.

Only direct heals will cause these buffs to trigger: Regrowth, Nourish, Healing Touch and Swiftmend. HoTs will not trigger them. You want to get your Vital Spark stacks as high as possible so you can keep up with the tank’s rising health pool and damage taken. It is very important to note that while you have Vital Flame, you cannot build more stacks of Vital Spark. Vital Flame needs to run out before you can build spark stacks again. Casting a direct heal on the tank will refresh the duration of Vital Flame. I use Beru’s Power Auras to track these two buffs.

Since healing strategies for this fight can vary, I’m going to share the one we use in Apotheosis:

  • We use 6 healers who get paired up for healing assignments.
  • We use 2 tanks, one who tanks most of the encounter and one who only taunts for Decimating Blade.
  • For the first shard the healers rotate assignments every 15 seconds – this is so everyone gets some stacks of Vital Spark at the beginning in case the boss uses Decimating Blade at the start.
  • After the first Shard we switch to 30 second rotations.
  • The healer rotation always follows the same order: Healer group 1 heals tanks, then melee Torment targets, then ranged Torment targets (repeat). Healer group 2 heals melee, then ranged, then tanks. Healer group 3 heals ranged, then tanks, then melee.

The Fight :

The toughest things about this encounter is keeping on top of your healing assignment as it rotates and keeping an eye on your Vital Spark and Flame buffs.

  • Before the pull, cast a direct heal to trigger Harmony and stack Lifebloom and Rejuvenation on the tank who will be pulling.
  • Heal the tank until the first Shard of Torment spawns.
  • When the shard spawns make sure you are not standing near it. There will be a purple glow in the spot it’s going to appear. If you’re near it, move. Getting the Tormented debuff will reduce your healing done by 50% and make things very difficult.

Healing the first Torment target

  • I try to get my Vital Spark stacks high as fast as possible when healing my first Torment target. As soon as the first Shard spawns I pop Tree of Life and spam instant Regrowths on them.
  • When the target gets to 12 Torment stacks Swiftmend them for a few more instant spark stacks.
  • If your mana is under 80% after this (it most likely is) Innervate

Healing subsequent Torment targets

  • Your goal should be to build as many Vital Spark stacks as possible without going oom.
  • Roll a Rejuvenation on the Torment target.
  • Chain-cast Nourish. As the Torment stacks get higher you may need to cast Healing Touch or Regrowth. Use Swiftmend for a quick 3 sparks when the person gets to 12 stacks.
  • You can refresh your HoTs on the tank while healing Torment, but do not cast any direct heals on them. Stick to your assignment.

Healing the Tank

  • When you’re switching from healing Torment targets to healing the tanks, you want to get a direct heal on the tank as fast as possible to trigger Vital Flame. Use Swiftmend if it’s off cooldown or Regrowth to do this.
  • The healing on the main tank isn’t too demanding. Just keep up your HoTs, and chain-cast Nourish or Healing Touch.
  • Healing the Decimating Strike tank is where things get tougher. Roll a Rejuv and chain-cast Healing Touch, along with Swiftmend when it’s available or Regrowth if you want a faster heal. Be ready to use Nature’s Swiftness here if you have it. Pop Tree of Life for the second time during Decimation Blade.
  • When you’re getting ready to switch back to healing Torment, keep a very close eye on your Vital Flame timer. When the time left on the buff is down to 2 or 3 seconds stop casting direct heals on the tanks. Just refresh your HoTs and get ready to swap targets. If you have the Vital Flame buff you will not be able to build Vital Spark stacks.

Other spells

  • Since there should only ever be 3 people taking damage at a time Wild Growth and Tranquility don’t have much use in this fight.

Happy healing!

10 responses to “How to Heal: Baleroc (25N)

  1. Very nice summary of the fight, Jasyla.

    I have a little addition to your tactic that might make things a bit easier on your mana. I must, however, point out that I haven’t been able to test this myself (my druid is not quite ready for Firelands yet).

    If you have talented Nature’s Bounty, you can — when healing the Torment target(s) — put Rejuv on the current tank and the two Tormented targets and then proceed to heal your Torment target with hastened Nourishes. They should be just as or at least almost as fast as instant Regrowths (GCD and all) and should not drain your mana as quickly.

    Again, I didn’t have opportunity to test this myself, so feedback would be very much appreciated. 🙂

    • That is a viable strategy, Beruthiel uses that method for Torment healing I believe.

      It looks like hasted Nourishes are approximately 0.2 seconds slower than Regrowths. I think it’s a good idea if mana is a problem at all. However my limited concentration is already quite strained by managing my Lifebloom stack, my Spark/Flame stacks and the rotation of who I’m supposed to be healing. Adding more Rejuvs to keep track of as well makes my head hurt. However on occasion I have 3 rejuvs up (on 2 tanks and 1 Torment target) so the hasted Nourishes are useful then, or when Nature’s Grace is up.

  2. Someone will probably come in and say that using tree + regrowths is pointless because Regrowth is just as fast as the GCD normally anyway.

    However – the reason I go tree is for the extra output, so the first two crystal tankers can go to high stacks (which means high damage on them) and let me rack up 50-60 on the first round, to set us up for the rest of the fight.

    My strategy is to pop TOL, spam Regrowth on the first target, then during the couple of seconds that it takes for the switch, I Innervate, then spam on the second target (and try to get a Swiftmend in before it drops). You will drop to low mana doing this, and I’ve seen a lot of people laughing at the idea of Regrowth spam – but who cares.. after you get your stacks you can cruise along on HoTs and Nourishes, and mana shouldn’t be an issue.

    • WTB edit button! The first crystal tanker is the one who takes the big stacks, not both of them, obviously.

    • That’s true. When we do this we have 2 people splitting each Shard. My assignment has always been: heal the first Torment person (for ~15 seconds), then heal the tank for 15 seconds, then move to a new set of Torment tanks. So I like that the ToL allows instant Regrowths not only on the Torment tank but also on the real tank when I make the switch (since I would have used Swiftmend already and Regrowth would be my only option for an instant direct heal that triggers Vital Flame). Then I get the 15% healing buff as well for my first turn healing the tank.

      I’m a big fan of Regrowth spam when you need heals fast – I’m not afraid to spend a little extra mana 🙂

      • Me too, and even if I spam Regrowth for the full first crystal, I don’t OOM on the fight. I see people mocking the idea because it will send you OOM… except that it doesn’t 😛

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  5. So, what do you do when you are assigned to heal Decimation blade only on 25 player mode? What’s the rotation? Heal the torment target for 15 sec then heal the tank then heal the target for 15sec then be ready to heal the tank? Keep 3 lb up on tank and refresh LB with LB and NOT with Nourish?

    • If you’re assigned to heal Decimation Blade only I’d heal the Torment targets to build up stacks any time decimation blade is not up. Decimation Blade is up for a small percentage of the fight, so you should be able to get a whole lot of Spark stacks. Yes, keep LB on that tank, refreshed with LB.