Restoration Druid Guide updated for 4.2

Updates include:

  • How to use our new Mastery – Harmony
  • Updates to glyphs, stat priorites, talents and How to Heal sections
  • Added new sections on gear, gems, enchants and consumables

For everything you ever wanted to know about resto druids but were afraid to ask, please check out the updated Restoration Druid Guide.

Questions and comments welcome!

4 responses to “Restoration Druid Guide updated for 4.2

  1. Hey found your site from Plusheals and its great to find a good tree blog there are not many left your site is so bookmark. You might want to add Hibernate and Soothe to your Resto guide, a lot of fellow druids over look it.

    • Thanks Wynn.

      That’s a great idea. I’ll add a subsection on utility spells when I get a few spare minutes. Stampeding Roar is a good thing to remind people of as well.

  2. Thanks for posting, I am passing this info onto my resto druids in guild as they prep for firelands 🙂