Do you really miss tree form?

Work has been crazy lately and will continue to be for a while and I don’t have any time to write my own posts right now 🙁

Do you really miss tree form?

Luckily, Amber from I Like Bubbles offered to create some MS paint artwork for me to post, about something near and dear to my heart – treant form! (More specifically lack of treant form). Thanks Amber!

So…do you really miss it? Still?

28 responses to “Do you really miss tree form?

  1. I miss never getting to BE in tree form. 🙁 I have my baby HoT box and she’ll never get to be a tree. Oh, the cooldown, sure, but that’s not the same. It honestly irritates me – Blizzard was all “You want to look at your toon, right?” but… every OTHER spec spends most-if-not-all of their time in their shapeshifted form… why shouldn’t trees get to stay trees?


  2. I agree with Apple! I miss -being- in treeform. I really like the cooldown and I’ve had fun learning the best ways to use it….but tree dance is totally FTW! Being restricted to 30 seconds every 3 minutes is sad. =/

    A couple of days ago, I went tree form and some friends used a Potion of Illusion to snag the look. Then after my CD wore off, I used a Potion of Illusion on THEM to get it back! We traded the cosmetic look back and forth for a while having a grand dance party. It was really fun, but it really reminded me of how much I missed the joy of having silly tree form emotes.

    Love the MSPaint artwork! I’ll certainly use the ToL minor glyph from now until they give us a tree that doesn’t have an afro or a soul patch. >.>

  3. I have to say, I missed it at first, but really I was just afraid that we wouldn’t be able to compete with out the buff that tree form gave our heals. Obviously that’s a balance issue that Blizz feels they have addressed.

    Having Tree form as a cool down I think is nice. It’s not a hit once and wait for the cool down before hitting it again like tranquility. You pop tree, and then you got all these options. Plus, when you pop tree, the other healers KNOW you blew a cool down, and can act accordingly. “Popping tree, you other healers just mana up, I’ve totally got the whole raid covered now. Seriously, just go get a sandwich or something.”

    Also, popping tree and then spamming Wrath at Chimaeron is FREAKING AWESOME.

  4. My wife the resto druid misses it terribly. It defined the spec. It gave resto druids a sense of identity. Our resto druids loved being trees, dancing with each other during down times in raids. Blizzard made a gigantic error when they essentially removed tree form from the game. Hopefully, Blizzard will fulfill their promise and give resto druids a minor glyph to be in permanent tree form. Heck, make it DLC and donate the money to charity (like, say, an environmental non-profit). I know my wife would pay $25 to be a permanent tree again.

    • See, I always thought Blizzard made a gigantic error introducing tree form in the first place. To me taking it away was just fixing that (very, very slowly).

      It is too bad they didn’t make perma-tree form an option for those who love it though.

  5. @Copey Lol! I never thought of it like that, as a signal that we are doing our awesome thing. I should clarify that I don’t miss needing treeform to do good healing, and I like having an great healing cooldown… but I really miss the aesthetics of being in treeform without limitation. ^^* What can I say, grumpy old man broccoli tree grew on me. =)

  6. When the new trees were announced, I was, perhaps predictably, appalled: they’re big, ugly, masculine looking things. At the same time, I thought, “Who cares? I’m not healing anymore.” I hadn’t been healing since tree-form still limited how fast you could move.

    I think that we all like to forget how cranky and dead-looking the old trees actually were, and how unhappy many casters were with never getting to see their armor (remember healing as Dreamstate?). I’m not sure I particularly like tree-form as a cooldown, but the new forms have (ahem) grown on me. They do some pretty baller animations when you’re not paying attention.

  7. YES! I miss my tree and will always miss my tree….I WANT MY TREE FORM BLIZ. If I wanted to look at my NE form….I would play one of my non-druid characters. Sitting around in Stormwind in cat form is just not the same when I’m a healer….I want my tree form back ….pretty please.

  8. I do miss it I loved being in tree form all the time. I use the glyph of treant when doing BGs. You blend in a bit better then a 6 story purple giant walking about crushing gnomes. I was hoping Blizzard would give us the same options that they gave bears and cats.
    The ability to change our leaves color.

    I see purple NPC treants walking around, orange leaves & yellow leaves & green leaves. I was hoping for the ability to customize a bit more.

  9. I do. One of the trees in my raid has the glyph to give her the “classic” tree form when she uses her cooldown, and it always makes me smile. We both wish she could have it all the time.

  10. I also miss tree form. Whether it’s the new tree look or the old tree look, I wish I could stay in tree form the entire time I was healing. As I’m watching health bars and keeping track of where the people I am healing are standing, it was much easier to see where I was and move myself with me peripheral vision when I was in tree form.

    Like rooshzat said, if I wanted to see my true form I wouldn’t be playing a druid. And I totally agree with Edenvale that it should be possible to choose leaf color. That would be so awesome.

    • I always had problems playing with other resto druids when tree form was permanent. If we were standing close to each other at all I’d get really confused about which tree was me 😛

  11. I miss being know as the guilds tree, I miss TBC Tree where the guild wait for me to wobble to them

  12. I do, and I will miss it even more so. My shoulders almost won me over this round – the crackling electric ones with the feathers of awesome. But the T12 armor is so amazingly hideous.

    I miss being able to stand out in the raid. I love my tree. I think the new form is an abomination – I call it Pedotree – and glyph so that I can use my old form. But that only gets called out in the heat of battle and I don’t get to appreciate it.

    If I got a chance I’d take permanent tree form back in a heartbeat.

    • Tier sets grow on me. I didn’t like T11 at first, I thought it looked too much like shaman gear. Now I love it.

      While I don’t think I’ll ever like the T12 helm (yuck), I think the rest of the set is okay, and my opinion of it will likely get better with time.

  13. I miss being a tree so much! Granted that I absolutely love how tier 11 looks – but I think I would’ve appreciated it just as much if I were a permanent tree. The new form design looks rather ugly for me and the cooldown, while nice, is just not the same as being shapeshifted. I miss doing the twist dance!

  14. Wow, people still feel very strongly about this.

    I’ll just say I don’t miss tree form. At all.

  15. I miss Tree form terribly. I miss the determined look on my tree-face and the squaring of the shoulders as I ran with my group. I loved that look of concentration as I rolled out a Regrowth or Nourish. My Druid looked like she could handle anything in Tree form, regardless if she couldn’t really.

  16. Sadly, the Tauren tree form looks… pretty much exactly like the original wilted broccoli 🙁

    • Aww…the coloring is the same, but I don’t think the new tree looks wilted. It looks strong! It’s an ass-kicking tree!

  17. I really do miss it! New tree or old tree, I want to be permatree. Of course I would like new tree a lot more if it didn’t give my cowgirl facial hair. That’s just annoying. Personally, that distinctive form meshed with my in-game identity, so for a while I was completely disconnected from my character in raids because she didn’t look right! Plus, now I can’t make jokes about lumberjacks and termites :(:(

  18. I miss Tree Form, just because I forget to use it as a cooldown now, otherwise. When you’re always in Tree Form, you never forget about it. Sadly, that’s all I do now is forget about it.

    I’ll admit that this is one of the changes that led to me wanting to be something else in this expansion instead of a druid. I was deeply opposed to this change and not even for cosmetic reasons, like I love the graphic of the new Tree Form. I just resented them taking that something that should have been inate and permanent and making it flashy and a cooldown. I also felt like it was a joke of a cooldown. I know, let’s not even open up *that* can of worms!


    • I love that tree form as a cooldown has given us an extra tool (if you remember to use it 😛 ). Druids were a little light on spells, especially compared to priests, so the extra ability was most appreciated.

  19. I as a feral druid main with a Resto alt… I miss tree form, ESPECIALLY the dance. We as druids had “druid time” – you know… that moment where you saw another druid eyeing you… so you /danced and changed forms – we all do it! Don’t lie!

  20. I’m jumping in a wee bit late, but wanted to share my .02 copper. Miss the permanent option of treeform. Like Elfindale and others said, whether its the old treant or the new tree form, the ability to stay in that form to show it off. Honestly, I almost wish treant form was the normal tree, and the giant tree to show our cooldown. I think it would be fine having something different for the cooldown but miss the special dance and the determined grumpy ol’ tree look.
    One other issue with giganto tree, is the male look. Screenshot time I would normally be in tree form to show off. Now, its caster time, and it sucks having ugly garb, especially when its mismatched due to playing catch-up from taking a break.