How to Heal: Maloriak (25H)

Maloriak is a very fun fight to heal. There’s bad stuff to run away from, big damage on multiple tanks and huge AoE raid damage to heal through. It’s a very long fight so it’s important to manage your mana and get the most of your cooldowns.

The differences between hard mode and normal mode:

  • There is a new Dark Magic phase
  • Ablities hit harder, boss and adds have more health
  • 12 minute enrage timer

When I heal Maloriak I am generally on the raid.

Dark Magic Phase :

This phase has lots of raid damage and some tricky tank damage.

  • Keep full Lifebloom stacks on a tank (either the Maloriak tank or the add tank, whoever you think needs it most).
  • Keep a Rejuvenation on both the Maloriak and add tanks.
  • After the Vile Swills have spawned, use Tree of Life and roll Lifeblooms on both tanks.
  • Use Wild Growth on cooldown on the people taking damage from Dark Sludge.
  • Use Swiftmendon cooldown to put down Efflorescence – the add tank is a good target for this.
  • Use Rejuv and Regrowth to spot heal those who are taking a lot of damage. I find I use Regrowth on this fight a lot.
  • Use Barkskin when Dark Sludge starts piling up.

Red Vial Phase

This phase has huge raid-wide damage. Consuming Flames will usually hit twice, but on occasion it can hit 3 times.

  • Keep LB on the main tank.
  • Make sure everyone is topped up before the first Scorching Blast.
  • Rejuv anyone who gets Consuming Flames.
  • Use Wild Growth on cooldown.
  • Keep a Rejuv on yourself which you can Swiftmend for optimal Efflorescence placement.
  • Use Tranquility on this phase after the 1st or 2nd Scorching Blast to top people up quickly.
  • Use Barkskin before Scorching Blast. Do not use it right when the phase starts, the first Blast doesn’t happen for a while.

Blue Vial Phase

This is the easy phase where you get to regen some mana before the next, more damage-heavy phase.

  • Keep LB and Rejuv on the tank.
  • Use the occasional Wild Growth around the melee to counter Biting Chill.
  • Regrowth and Swiftmend those who get hit with Flash Freeze.

Final Phase

This phase has the same mechanics as normal but everything hits a whole lot harder.

  • Keep LB and Rejuv on the tank.
  • Watch out for Absolute Zero. It can one-shot you in heroic.
  • Cast Wild Growth and keep an Efflorescence down during Acid Nova. Use Tranquility during this if it’s up.
  • Spot heal the raid with Rejuv and Regrowth.
  • Use Tree of Life if it’s available and stack LBs on all tanks.
  • Use Barkskin during Acid Nova.

Happy healing!

2 responses to “How to Heal: Maloriak (25H)

  1. I still have my maloriak how to in draft! The best part of your guide is the bullet formatting.

    I would say the biggest challenge in 10 is keeping the add tank up during Scorching Blast. Or raid alive. Having to prioritize sucks sometimes…

    It’s easier now with coordinated cooldown usage and liberal usage of tranquility 🙂 The resto druid really shines in dealing with Acid Nova as well (at last compared to the shaman).

    It’s great to have a resto druid on the heal team for Maloriak HM.

    • I still haven’t got 10m Maloriak. It is pretty tough to keep up the add tank. I’ve also seen the Maloriak tank get Consuming Flames right before a Scorching Blast which really, really sucks.

      I love healing this fight as a druid. Of course, it’s also pretty fun as a Disc Priest. Disc is great for healing the MT during Black Magic phase.