Heroic Chimaeron – Still about the timing

People seemed to find my last post on Chimaeron useful, so I thought I’d expand it a bit to cover heroic Chimaeron. The basic timeline for the fight is almost the same as normal (go read about the normal timeline if you aren’t familiar with it).

There is one major change: Nefarian will dispel the Feud and Chimaeron will continue to melee the tanks while the bile-o-tron is offline. Because of this, heroic Chimaeron requires 3 tanks:

Tank 1 – Main tank and Break-soaker while the bile-o-tron is active (this can be a dps like a ret pally, dk or warrior)
Tank 2 – Double attack tank
Tank 3 – Tank for the regular attacks while the bile-o-tron is offline.

Alternatively, Tank 2 and 3 can alternate tanking the whole Feud phase, including the Double Attacks.

Here’s what the Feud phase now looks like along with tank rotations:

Tank 1 is tanking
1:00  Feud
1:00  Massacre
1:02  Bile-o-tron is deactivated
Tank 3 taunts
1:05  Feud is dispelled
1:05  Melee attack
1:10  Melee attack
1:10  Break applied to current tank
1:10  Chimaeron gains double attack buff
Tank 2 taunts
1:15  Double attack occurs
1:15  Caustic Slime cast on raid
Tank 3 taunts
1:20  Melee attack
1:20  Caustic Slime cast on raid
1:25  Melee attack
1:25  Break applied to current tank
1:25  Chimaeron gains double attack buff (this attack never happens as he casts Massacre instead)
1:25  Caustic Slime cast on raid
1:26  Bile-o-tron back online
1:30  Massacre
Tank 1 taunts
1:35  Melee attack

If you wanted to do it the other way, Tank 2 would tank the Double Attacks before the Feud, then the entire Feud phase. Once the Bile-o-tron is back online, Tank 3 would tank the next Double Attack and entire Feud phase. Tanks 2 and 3 would switch roles after every Feud phase.

Just like in normal:
1. The first tank (the Break-soaker) will only be tanking while the Bile-o-tron is active. He only needs to be at 10k health while he is tanking.
2. The double-attack tank needs to be topped up before a double-attack.

So where does the difficulty lie?

First trouble spot, right after the Feud starts:
1:00  Massacre
1:02  Bile-o-tron is deactivated
Tank 3 taunts
1:05  Melee attack

The Massacre takes the whole raid down to 1 health and the bile-o-tron goes offline. You have 5 seconds to get Tank 3 up to an acceptable level of health before he takes a melee swing.

How do you keep the tank from dying?
1. The tank should use a cooldown
2. Healers should be ready. There are lots of ways to get the tanks health up fast if you plan ahead:

  • Druids can cast a Rejuvenation on Tank 3 right before the Massacre and Swiftmend immediately after.
  • Priests can cast PoM on Tank 3 right before the Massacre and a PW:S immediately after.
  • Shaman can cast an Earth Shield on Tank 3 right before the Massacre.
  • Paladins can have full holy power and use a Word of Glory on Tank 3 immediately after the Massacre, or Beacon tank 3 and cast Light of Dawn on the raid.
  • The Massacre has a cast bar – any healer can time a big heal that will land right after the Massacre.

Within 1 GCD of the Massacre the tank can be back up to a decent amount of health and the healers will have another 4 seconds to get them up even higher.

Second trouble spot: the double attack while the bile-o-tron is offline.

The tank  will be taking a double attack and a hit from Caustic Slime right around the same time. They will need a damage reduction cooldown, there’s no way around that. They will also need to be close to full health beforehand.

There is a ton of damage going around during the Feud phase, but if you’re ready for it, you can heal it.

The second change to heroic Chimaeron is that the whole raid will be taking damage during phase 2 from Mocking Shadows. This means everyone needs to be topped up as much as possible before he hits 21%.

The best time to push him into phase 2 is at the end of a Feud phase, after the Massacre has happened and the Bile-o-tron has come back online. Though he will continue to melee the tanks, you’ll have 15 seconds before he starts using Caustic Slime again. Use all your big healing cooldowns to get the raid as topped up as possible before pushing him over.

Good luck!

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  2. Thomas Baldwin

    Excellent! Your original Chim guide helped us down him last week and when we get to him in Heroic I am sure this will be a big help!

    On a side note, I’ve often heard that Resto Druids are not very well suited to this fight on heroic mode. I think we’re great for the regular mode and reading through this I fail to see why that would suddenly change. Any thoughts or comments on that?

    • I think the disparaging remarks about resto druids on heroic are mostly about our lack of damage mitigation cooldowns. Cooldowns are important, but so is the ability to heal up the raid quickly and efficiently, which we do very well, so I don’t see a problem with druids on this fight. Tranquillity is also extremely good for healing up the raid before going into the final phase.

  3. My raid group handles Feud slightly differently. We still use a 3 tank strategy, with a plate dps on non-Feud Break-tank duty (lets say tank 1) and 2 tanks who handle Double Attacks and Feud (lets say tank 2 and 3). We start the same way, but we have tanks 2 and 3 alternate after Feuds, with the current Double Attack tank tanking the entire Feud phase. To illustrate:

    Bot online: tank 1 eats Break, tank 2 eats DA
    Feud 1: tank 2 tanks entire offline phase
    Bot online: tank 1 eats Break, tank 3 eats DA
    Feud 2: tank 3 tanks entire offline phase

    To fasciliate this, in addition to using their respective cooldowns, the Feud tank stands just outside of where the raid stacks so as not to be included in the Caustic Slime damage distribution.

    We started doing it this way in response to the RNG we were running into where we’d get back-to-back Feuds, and the next Double Attack tank still had Break stacks. This method seems to have helped in that regard.

    • I’m sure there are a few different ways to handle the tanking. I like the idea of the Feud tank standing outside the Slime area.

    • Thank you so much for your suggestion Ellannan. It made for much easier Feud tank transitions, since the non-Feud tank was already getting a steady flow of health top-ups.

  4. We had trouble with the transition into P2 for a long time.

    We tried what you said : waiting after a massacre after a feud, but we could not time the switch properly : either it would cross the threshold too early and people would be too low health, or we would get a spit and lose two people at the beginning.

    In the end, we decided to make the transition during the feud, once everyone would be sitting between 60 and 90%, it was enough for us to finish him.

    And this week, something strange happened : we had no time to pass him during the feud and we stopped dps, trying to wait for the next Feud, and the boss went between 21 and 20%, and he stopped spitting. We were there, waiting, sitting at mac health… We passed him to phase 2 and killed him easily.

    • If you go into phase 2 during the Feud isn’t the Bile-o-tron still offline? I just had this happen in a normal mode kill and Chim snapped both tanks really quickly because they weren’t saved by Finkle’s Mixture.

      • @Jasyla: Yes, however unless you have a really fast priest, they’ll die 2 secs after they get “saved” due to mocking shadows anyway. For groups learning this, the extra time pre-enrage gained by not waiting for the next massacre after feud (30 seconds) makes it fine. Just hit your transition breakpoint, then stop DPS until the next massacre, at which point you unload as your healers sprint in 15 seconds to top everyone up as high as possible (before the first caustic).

      • Tanks have cds, our holy paladin use to taunt the boss just before P2 after putting his cds on the tank so that he dies first, we don’t need healers in P2. The most important thing is that your most important dpsers, those who can vanish/fd/mirror/dispersion/evade, etc… could survive the dot.
        Nefernet recently posted..Shattered

  5. Great post. I linked this back for my guild to check out.

    The concept of breaking down a technical fight (meaning, a fight relatively easy on mechanics beyond one tight swap) by moment I can’t help but wish I’d come up with.

    AFK while I read the rest of your blog.

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  7. This fight is a DPS race in the final phase, and we’ve been using two tanks to kill it for weeks. There are two ways to do this. One is to use a DPS warrior to intervene the first double strike right after feud. The better option is to have a hunter with a turtle pet intervene the first DS right after feud, as pets can be rez’d over and over if the DS proves fatal. So, the original DS tank takes the tanking responsibilities into the feud, giving the original main tank time to drop the break debuff. Coming out of the feud the original DS tank continues on as the main tank, but has to absorb the first DS in order for the break to fall of the original main tank. Intervene that DS, then wash, rinse, repeat.

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