Nef is Dead!

<aus> Nefarian kill

The most amazing this about this is not the kill, but that we managed to line up properly for a kill shot.

My Alliance guild killed Nefarion for the first time this weekend – yay! What an ordeal that was. I really feel for the tanks on that fight. Raid healing got pretty simple after a while, but those adds are a giant pain in the ass. All our tanks performedΒ  admirably and we managed to get a fairly clean first kill with only a few deaths. I also got lucky and won my T11 helmet.

Jasyla in her tier 11 gear
Jasyla rocking the 4-piece set bonus

My Horde raid group is still sitting at 9/12, having some dps issues on Cho’gall. On the bright side, we repeated our kill on Atramedes this week (he’s been giving us grief) – while his targetting was bugged, no less. I actually kinda liked the aggro-sensitive flame breath.

And now for something completely different…

Treant in an iceblock
A reminder of why I hated the original tree form.
Jasyla and kitty in an iceblock
Jasyla the hunter about to be eaten by rabid dogs.
Bastion of Twilight trash holding hands
How cute, they’re holding hands!

Brooding Darkwater Clam

Hope everyone has a good week.

16 responses to “Nef is Dead!

  1. Congrats on the kill! I’m still sitting at 3/4 of the tier bonus myself (I’ve passed on the chest umpteenth times and can’t get the shoulders to drop for the life of me ^^)
    Windsoar recently posted..Negotiating Space- Guilds &amp Blogs

    • Thank you! My raid generally gets a lot of Vanquisher tokens – and my very generous guildmates passed the shoulder token to me last time they dropped so I could replace my blues.

  2. Congrats on the kill, lady!
    Oestrus recently posted..Dealing With The Loss Return Of The Amani War Bear

  3. Big gratz πŸ™‚
    I fail so hard at taking boss kill screenshots that actually have _everyone_ in the picture πŸ™‚
    Issy recently posted..Wow Bloggers NG

    • Thanks.

      I didn’t take this screenshot myself. It would probably be missing people, or I’d be facing backwards if I had.

  4. Grats! That is one sexy tier 11 druid!

    Those screenshots made me smile- I love those clams but would hate to heal them in a raid.
    Alacran recently posted..WTB Resto Shammy reading material

    • Thank you! I think Jasyla looks pretty darn good.

      I laughed so hard when I found that brooding clam, but you’re right, it would be a pain to heal them.

  5. I *LOVE* the old-school tree form! I *loveloveloved* jumping down the hole in Azjol-Nerub in tree form and having my arms wave around wildly like a real tree stuck dancing in a windstorm! One of the first things I did when the Shattering happened is get ahold of the Glyph of the Treant. The new tree form looks like a redwood that spent too much time next to a nuclear plant and developed a glandular problem!

    Congrats on the Nef kill, BTW. πŸ™‚
    Stormy recently posted..Poking Through the Stacks

    • A glandular problem, ROFL. The only thing I ever enjoyed about the old tree form was the cower animation. I know most people disagree with my disdain for the treant.

      I love resting animation for the new tree.

  6. Grats! That’s some sexy tier you’re sporting there. My guild finally downed Atramedes while I was on vacation, so my first week back we are going to get to Nef! I’m pretty excited, although I keep watching the tankspot video and glazing over by phase 3.

    I think I have the exact same iceblock tree picture – except I find that one of the old tree form’s most endearing points :3 Also the brooding clam had me giggling. It’s so emo ;~;
    redcow recently posted..Goblin Journal- Sprinkie in Orgrimmar

    • Good luck with Nef! I find videos don’t do the long, multi-phase fights justice – I really need to see them myself to understand them.

  7. CONGRATS! That’s awesome you had a rather clean kill: my guild’s first kill had one person left standing, and that was an ele shaman who had ankhed up at the very last second and killed him with a frost shock (I think?). …it was epic.

    Yay for the random screenies, they made me giggle πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Kae.

      I was sort of expecting one of those HoP-ed pally as the last man standing kills, but we only had 2 or 3 dead at the end. A heroic effort from the 2nd add tank saved the 1st add tank from being mauled by adds so he managed to live through the fight and keep all the adds away from the raid. I hope we can repeat that πŸ™‚

  8. Grats on the kill!
    Elfindale recently posted..Goblin Gallery – Part 3