Evaluating Resto Druids with World of Logs

This isย  part of a series about using World of Logs to evaluate raiders. I’ll be building the full series in my guides section. I suggest reading this post there for a better layout and less squishy images.

Here are specific things to look for when analyzing resto druid logs. It’s best to look at specific kills or attempts in order to get meaningful numbers.

Healing Done

Druid healing meters

Druids are an output class. We have nothing to offer the raid in terms of mitigation (/glare at Blizzard), so we need to make up for that in raw healing done. On any fight with a decent amount of raid damage (which is pretty much all of them), druids should be very high on HPS (healing per second) and healing done.

World of Logs - Active Time

The Active Time percentage should also be very high, close to 100%. HoTs should be ticking all the time, which keeps this number high.

Player Details

Now to get into the juicy details.

Healing by Spell

Druid healing by spell
There are a number of things to look for on this screen, including:

  • Spell selection – Is the druid using all available spells? Most, if not all, spells should be used on each fight. Druids have: Lifebloom, Rejuvenation, Wild Growth, Regrowth, Swiftmend, Healing Touch, Nourish, Tranquility. Some druids prefer to use HT and exclude Nourish (or vice versa), but otherwise all spells should be used.
  • Top 3 spells – Generally a druid’s top 3 spells will be Wild Growth, Rejuvenation and Lifebloom. If a druid is assigned to tank heal, especially in 10s, Healing Touch take the place of Rejuv or WG.

Some notes on specific spells:


World of Logs - Lifebloom

Uptime is the key metric here. Lifebloom provides Replenishment to the raid, is our only source of Omen of Clarity procs and provides a steady stream of heals to whoever it’s placed on (usually a tank). Allowing a 3-stack to fall off, unless it’s timed perfectly to provide an emergency heal from the bloom, means you have to waste time and mana building the stack back up. Lifebloom uptime should be in the 90-100% range on most fights.

Overheal on Lifebloom is not a concern.


Tranquility World of Logs

The first thing to look for is whether Tranquility was used at all. It is our best spell in terms of HPS and HPM and should be used on every fight.

Next look at the number of direct heals – 20 is the number you should see. If this number is less it means Tranquility is being interrupted. This could be due to casting it at the wrong time and needing to move mid-cast or not using Barkskin before casting.

Overheal should be fairly low, but the HoT portion of the spell can increase this number.


Swiftmend World of Logs

Check how many times Swiftmend was used by looking at the number of direct heals. Swiftmend has a 15 second cooldown, so it can be used 4 times per minute. It’s unrealistic to use SM every time it’s available (those with Efflorescence in their spec will likely want to line up its use with raid damaging abilities), but it should be used often.

Buffs Cast

This screen will tell you how often a druid is using their cooldowns, along with the uptime on key abilities.

World of Logs - Druid buffs castLifebloom – As noted above, uptime should be as close to 100% as possible.

Tree of Life – ToL has a 3 minute cooldown. In your average 4-7 minute fight it should be used twice. A third use can be squeezed into fights that last longer.

Nature’s Grace – NG gives 15% haste for 15 seconds after casting regrowth. It has a 1 minute cooldown. Ideal uptime is 25%.

Barkskin – Barkskin can be used once per minute. It should be used often (though not neccessarily on cooldown). Check my guide to Barkskin in Tier 11 to get a grasp on when/how often it should be used on specific fights.

Tranquility – As noted above, Tranquility should be used on every fight. The amount should be 20, indicating the druid channeled the spell for the full duration (Note: There are 2 Tranquility effects listed, the one to look at is spell ID 44203).

World of Logs - InnervateInnervate – There are two Innervate effects to look at. Spell ID 29166 is the primary effect. Spell ID 54833 is a secondary effect from Glyph of Innervate. If there are two resto druids in the raid, they should be swapping Innervates and be affected by both the same amount of times. If there is only one resto druid, you can tell how they are using their Innervate – If the primary effect shows up in their stats, they are Innervating themselves, if the secondary effects shows up, they are Innervating someone else. Innervate has a 3-minute cooldown. It should be used at 70-80% mana the first time, then whenever it’s off cooldown.

Nature’s Swiftness – If the druid has this in their spec, it should be used on every fight.

Trinkets – If the druid has an on-use trinket equipped, check the cooldown on it and the amount of times used. They should be used the maximum amount possible.

16 responses to “Evaluating Resto Druids with World of Logs

  1. Thanks very much for this guide. It should come in really handy. The actual numbers you gave are the best part (number of direct heals of Tranquility and uptime % of Nature Grace for example.)

    • I hope it’s helpful. A lot of healing is hard to quantify, but I think including as many real numbers as possible is good, especially for those who don’t play druids themselves.

  2. I just wanted to drop by and say I’ve really enjoyed your series on WoL evaluations ๐Ÿ™‚
    Windsoar recently posted..Haste &amp Mastery- A Discussion for Restoration Druids

  3. Please tell me you’ll be doing this for other specs as well! I’ve started using WoL with our raids but I just don’t know enough to get everything out of it. I especially don’t know anything about shaman and holy priests…
    Analogue recently posted..That Worked

  4. I’m a druid and I didn’t know all this… thanks!

    I’m happy I seem to be doing fine \o/ Except for Nature’s Grace, that is. Is there any way of tracking the internal cooldown? My uptime could be better…
    Jen recently posted..One month of Cataclysm

    • I read about an addon called Proculas (I think), that tracks internal cooldowns, you could try that. I use Regrowth on pretty much every OoC proc, so I don’t tend to think about the NG cooldown too much.

  5. I love that you are consistently finding new and fresh ideas to bring to your blog posts that nobody else has really touched upon yet. It’s very refreshing and I look forward to more of your posts that are similar to this one and maybe some that aren’t!

    If you do get around to covering holy priests and WoL, feel free to look me up. I would share to some feedback with you and help you make that a more wonderful post.

    Thanks, Jasyla!
    Oestrus recently posted..Mirror- Mirror

    • Thanks. The downside to the amount of guide-type posts I’ve been writing lately is that I seem to have lost the ability to write anything else. I can’t remember the last time I shared personal anecdotes or opinions.

      I will likely take you up on sharing some info about holy priests on WoL. I occasionally flip my disc priest to holy, but I haven’t really gotten comfortable with the playstyle yet.

  6. That should be “love to share.” Don’t mind my derp there. >.<
    Oestrus recently posted..Mirror- Mirror

  7. I hate to sound cliche, but I really kind of let inspiration guide me towards what I should write.

    Like I had been doing research for a post on the ups and downs of HW: Sanctuary and was all ready to flesh that out when the new holy priest applied to my guild and I felt myself slipping into Evil Queen mode (a la “Snow White). That led me to dwelling on those feelings and remembering a time when I was very wrongfully angry towards someone in a previous guild and then my most recent post just poured out of me.

    Same with the name change drama. I was having a lovely weekend brushing up on PTR changes and boss strategies and then Blizzard orders me to change my name because it’s too offensive. How could I not write about that? I ended up getting so much feedback and support from it that I had to do a follow up post to tie up the loose ends and explain what happened. So outside circumstances drive me to write what I write a lot of the time and I think that’s kind of neat. It can certainly help when writer’s block attacks or you can’t find anything else that suits your fancy. It’s like fate nudging you and saying “Pssst. Write about this.”

    This could just be your creative dry spell of sorts and maybe you’ll get through this phase of more serious posts, tap back into that creative side again and have that be all you write about for a while. Either way, just let it happen naturally.

    Oestrus recently posted..Mirror- Mirror

  8. Wow, what a great resource! As a holy pally and disc priest, I have written about evaluating my own logs but as a healing lead I was a bit lost when looking at our druid’s logs, my baby druid alt just hit 85 so I can use the info for my raid team. This is a huge help!
    Gina recently posted..Resurrecting the 25 vs 10 raid size debate โ€“ does size matter