Healing ICC: Blood Queen Lana’thel


Blood Queen is a fun fights for resto druids. Everytime I see my HPS at the end of the fight my head swells a little. As much as I dislike the raid blanketing, rejuv everyone without really thinking playstyle, it’s very effective on this fight. Healing is heaviest the beginning of the fight, with the whole raid taking significant aoe damage. As more people get bitten, and start healing themselves with the damage they do, raid healing becomes easier.

Normal Mode

  • Keep Rejuv and Regrowth on the main tank and the soaker
  • Start rolling your Rejuvs on as many people as possible. I tend to focus on the ranged dps and healers.
  • Use Wild Growth on cooldown. I usually cast it on the boss so it hits the melee and tanks. I will also sometimes use it on the people effected by Pact of the Darkfallen as they come together.
  • Make sure the person with Swarming Shadows has a Rejuv on them.
  • The dps who get Essence of the Blood Queen heal themselves for a portion of the damage they do. They should need the least healing.
  • Use Swiftmend or Nourish when anyone gets too low on health. I end up mostly using these on the tanks or people with Pact of the Darkfallen.
  • Use Barkskin when during the air phase. You can use Tranquility during one air phase to top up your group. Mostly I prefer to just keep my HoTs up and rattle off some quick Nourishes to keep people up during this phase. Focus on the people who have been bitten first. Losing one of the bites to Bloodbolts can cause a wipe.
Heroic Mode

Hard Mode

The differences in hard mode are:

I really never noticed a difference between normal and hard from a healer point of view. The raid damage increases as the fight goes on, but the healing strategy doesn’t change. I recommend the exact same healing method outlined under normal mode.

Optimal Glyphs

Glyph of Swiftmend – As always.
Glyph of Wild Growth – This is a must to help counter the heavy raid damage.

Third glyph is a bit of a toss up. If you healing with another resto druid, you’ll probably want to use Gylph of Rapid Rejuvenation. If you’re the only druid, I’d suggest skipping it so you can cover as many people as possible with Rejuv. Nourish won’t get used much so Glyph of Nourish isn’t great.You could try Glyph of Rejuvenation is you’re really struggling with this fight – I’m generally not a fan of it, but there aren’t really any other decent options.

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