Updates, guild meets and other entertainment

It’s been a while since I did an update post and a lot has been going on. My Horde guild has had a miraculous turnaround. After recruiting some great new players we are now filling raids (we even have a bench!), and making progress. Last week we got our second Halion kill, completed three ICC hard modes thanks to a Kingslayer that joined us and got our first Sindragosa kill. Unfortunately, I missed the Sindy and Halion kills (the downside to having a bench), but I’m very excited that they happened.

We’ve also had a number of local people join the guild after our first local meetup. I was a little wary of meeting strangers, but everyone was super-friendly and we’ll hopefully make it a monthly occurrence.

In other meet-up news, Arm of Hades is having our first international guild meet! We’ve rented a cabin outside of St. Louis for the long weekend. I’m excited to finally meet some of the people I’ve been playing with for the last 2 and a half years. I’m sure I’ll write some more about this later.

Over on the Alliance side, things are slowing down. ūüôĀ
We don’t always manage to scrape together 25 people for raids and our progress has stalled. We killed our last hard mode (Lady Deathwhisper) 6 weeks ago and since then we’ve spent maybe 3 hours on heroic Sindragosa and 1 hour on heroic Putricide. I don’t expect to be able to kill them anytime soon at that rate. It seems to be really difficult to recruit on our server, it’s huge and it is very competitive. Our 9/12 hard mode progression puts us at #17 in terms of server progression which I’m sure isn’t a big draw. On most other servers we’d be in the top 10, but there are just so many other raiding guilds to compete with. Hopefully things will turn around a bit or maybe we’ll take a break from raiding until the expansion.

I’ve been entertaining myself with non-WoW things a lot lately. Reading a lot of books, watching DVDs, playing on Xbox. I’m currently reading Feed, which I first heard about from Professor Beej, and I’m playing Lost Odyssey. I’m thinking of starting up a second blog to talk about books and movies. I just joined Goodreads and I’ve been having fun inputting and rating all the books I’ve read over the last 10 years. The site seems like a much better way to keep track of what I’ve read than the crumpled notebook I’ve been using.

Hopefully I’ll be able to pull myself away from Goodreads long enough to put up a couple more Healing ICC posts this week.

Max on the stairs

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  1. Glad to hear you picked up Feed. I really enjoyed it, and I was going to teach it in my Horror special topics class in the Spring, but I had to cut it due to time constraints. I went with World War Z instead.

    You’ll have to let me know your thoughts on it when you finish!
    Professor Beej recently posted..A Professor’s Job