Hunter UI

I’ve finally morphed my hunter’s UI into something I’m willing to share.

My hunter UI is similar to my druid UI and I use most of the same addons. The biggest difference is what the focus of my screen is. On my druid, the focus is Grid. On my hunter my focus is my ability bars, my own unit frame and my target’s unit frame.

As a raiding hunter, the things I need know are:

  • When my abilities are available to use
  • When stuff procs (trinkets, armor bonuses)
  • The position and health of mobs
  • The duration of my DoTs and debuffs on my target
  • When the boss is using a special ability
  • My threat level
  • When a mob is enraged or casting an interruptable spell

Other things I like to know:

  • The status of the rest of my raid group (health, dead, debuffed, out of range)
  • Who has aggro
  • How much damage I’m doing

The abilities I need to have extremely fast access to:

  • Umm…all of them. Main damage abilities, traps, pet abilities, aspects, life-saving abilities, misdirect, tranq shot, cooldowns. I have lots of buttons to press.

Here’s an action shot of my UI (click for full-size version):

Hunter UI

Here’s a brief rundown of the addons I use:

Action Bars

Dominos, OmniCC, ButtonRange (not shown)

Hunter UI - Dominos bar mod
  • I use Dominos to place my actions bars at the bottom middle of my screen, so my eyes don’t have to track too far between my character and my abilities. I also set the size to 85% so they take up less room. I use faded action bars for my menu options, bags and buttons that are not used in combat (mounts, mage food).
  • OmniCC adds countdown timers to my abilities that are on cooldown (see on Chimera and Aimed Shot above)
  • ButtonRange turns your ability butttons red when your target is out of range.


Hunter UI - OPie
  • OPie creates radial menus for different ability types which are brought up by pressing the keybinding you assign to them.
  • I use OPie for Aspects, Traps, Pet Maintenance and Trade Skills – things I want fast access to, but do not need to see at all times.


X-Perl Unit Frames

Hunter UI - Xperl unit frames
  • I use Xperl for self, pet, target, target of target and focus frames.
  • For my target’s frame I make sure to check the options: Enable Buffs and Big Buffs so I can clearly see my own debuffs on the boss, along with timers for how long they will last (seen on Serpent Sting and Piercing Shots above). I use this in place of any additional DoT timers.


Hunter UI - Grid raid frames
  • I like to know what’s going on with the whole raid group. I use Grid to see debuffs, health, range, aggro and incoming heals.

Tidy Plates

Hunter UI - Tidy Plates
  • As the name suggests, these name plates are much tidier than the default ones. They also look much nicer when stacked.

Combat Text and Notifications

Deadly Boss Mods

Hunter UI - Deadly Boss Mods
  • This one is self-explanatory. The only modification I make is to move the timers close to my target frame so they’re easy to see.

Mik Scrolling Battle Text

Hunter UI - Mik Scrolling Combat Text
  • Seeing 30k Kill Shots pop up on my screen always puts a smile on my face. I remove my pet’s damage as well as energy gains to cut down on the amount of spam from this mod.

Power Auras Classic

Hunter UI - Power Auras
  • Most of my Power Auras were taken from the great set posted at The Huntsmen’s Lodge. I copied the strings then modified the icons, colours and sounds to my liking. I use PowerAuras to notify me when:
    • Armor/trinket bonuses proc (with timers)
    • Kill Shot is ready
    • Hunter’s Mark missing from my target
    • Serpent Sting is missing from my target
    • Rapid Fire is up (with timer)
    • I’m low on mana (not shown here)
    • My pet is low on health (not shown here)

Other Good Stuff


  • I use Clique for two things: Misdirect and Master’s Call. With Clique all I have to do is use the appropriate mouse button over the tank’s unit frame in order to cast an MD. I never have to change my target and I don’t need to worry about focus macros.

and Recount

  • Aggro bad.
  • Hunters at the top of the damage meter, good.

Sexy Map

  • Gives the minimap a nice frame and hides all buttons until you mouse-over it.


  • Prat cleans up the chat frame. It enables me to move the text input box, so there is no longer a gap between the bottom of the chat frame and the bottom of my screen. It also lets me get rid of the scroll arrows and Social button.

7 responses to “Hunter UI

  1. Thanks for this! I was just sitting here thinking about what to use Clique for on my hunter. You dont mention Mend Pet, which was the only thing I had already, now adding MC and MD! No more stupid MD macros! xx

    • I'm happy you found some new ideas.

      You'd think as a healer who swears by Clique that Mend Pet would have been the first ability I'd use it for, but I never thought of it. I'll add that, thanks!

  2. Hey there!

    You were nice enough to read my blog and show me some comment love, so I figured I would do the same!

    I'm actually levelling a Dwarf hunter and I have some things in common with your situation. You were an Ally rolling a Horde hunter and I'm doing the reverse – lol

    Now I know of a site I can go to for both resources. I can use all the hunter help I can get. Just hit level 30. Woo!


    • Thanks for commenting. 🙂

      Good luck with levelling your hunter. I found my hunter to be the most fun and fastest class to level.

  3. I'm really sorry about the comment spam, earlier. My computer at work was taking a long time to register that it posted – lol

    It's fun. I like it because it's just me, my pet and the land. I can throw on a hoodie, get low in my chair, watch "Unsolved Mysteries" marathons and have a great day with it!

  4. Great post! Thank you so much for sharing your insights in such an informative way.
    I was wondering what size monitor you use? I assume that it is widescreen. I have an old 15" box that does not lend itself well to the optimal UI I've been trying to create.

    • I'm glad you liked it!

      My monitor is 24" so I've got a lot of space to work with for my UI.