Definite vs. Defiant

Time for another vocabulary lesson! I haven’t been noticing too much misuse of the word roll lately, but I have been noticing a lot of confusion between definite and defiant.

Definite – Something that is certain or clearly defined

  • “Yes, I definitely want to go kill the Lich King tonight.”
  • “As a hunter, I have a definite advantage over everyone else.”
  • “There are definitely no a’s in the word definite.”

Defiant – Hard to control and resistant to authority

  • “The defiant druid refused to shift into tree form and dance.”
  • “Yesterday I defiantly misdirected to the annoying rogue at every opportunity.”

When making a statement that you are certain about, unless it is in some way rebellious, you should definitely stop using the word defiantly.

2 responses to “Definite vs. Defiant

  1. "There are definitely no 'a's in the word definite."

    😀 This line makes me want to have smart little grammar-literate children with you!