WoL Expression Editor – Help Please!

I’m looking for someone who is adept with SQL and the WoL expression editor to give me a hand. I need to find a query to use to find out which abilities Deterrence works on. My current method requires a lot of combing through useless junk from the combat log in order to find what I’m looking for.

What I basically need to see is:

  • When Deterence is cast and when it fades
  • Incoming damage that hits or is deflected/parried/dodged

I need all heals, auras and energy gains to be filtered out.

Can anyone help me out? I’ll bake you cookies!

Edit: I found something that works okay:
(targetName=”Jasyla”) and (type=1 or type=2) or (spell=”Deterrence”)

This shows me all incoming damage that hits and misses me, as well as when Deterrence is up. I’m still happy to see any other queries though.

On another note, the combat log is a little screwy. I was looking at a Valithria fight from a while ago, and saw this in the log (yes, I pulled aggro. Bad Jasyla):

[22:06:45.147] Jasyla gains Deterrence from Jasyla
[22:06:45.163] Jasyla casts Deterrence
[22:06:45.476] Gluttonous Abomination hits Jasyla Parry
[22:06:45.679] Risen Archmage Frostbolt Volley Jasyla 2525 (R: 1162)
[22:06:47.460] Gluttonous Abomination hits Jasyla Parry
[22:06:49.429] Gluttonous Abomination hits Jasyla Parry
[22:06:50.101] Jasyla’s Deterrence fades
[22:06:50.632] Risen Archmage Frostbolt Volley Jasyla Deflect

From this it looks like there is a half a second of lag between Deterrence being cast and the effect kicking in. It shows that I get hit by the first Frostbolt Volley with Deterrence up. Then Deterrence fades and I successfully deflect the next volley. Odd. Anyone else get results like this in their logs?

2 responses to “WoL Expression Editor – Help Please!

  1. In a lot of situations, buffs and debuffs are taken into account when the spell is fired, not when it lands. For instance, Ice Lance damage bonus on Frozen targets. As long as it's mid-air, even if the freeze breaks, you get the damage bonus.

    There's only a half second between both "delayed" occasions with Frostbolt Volley and Deterrence, so most likely it's another instance like above, and was already mid-air.

    However, most things like that (Bubble, Ice Block, Spell Reflect) that will negate an incoming spell usually will work, even after a cast. In those cases, it's like just a bit of server lag…Like the joy of actually SEEING a pally bubble, or a mage ice block, only for them to immediately die less than a second afterwards…Love it.

    • Thanks Razzle, that's good to know. I guess I'll have to hit Deterrence faster.