Shared Topic: Eavesdropping WoW Conversations in Real Life

My first response to a Shared Topic at Blog Azeroth, yay! It’s a week late, boo! Last week, Oath at Dressed to Cuddle wanted to hear stories about overhearing WoW conversation in real life. This is the first shared topic I’ve seen that really jumped out at me, because I’ve had an excellent experience of this sort.

My story actually starts with a conversation my fiance overheard. He was at a work gathering at a local pub, when he heard a group of people at the next table mention Karazhan. My fiance, being rather outgoing (and fueled by a fair amount of booze), went over to talk to them. Turns out, they were all part of a guild and were having their monthly officer meeting. My fiance joined their conversation for a while and mentioned that I played WoW as well. They told him to invite me over to the pub to join them. I, being the opposite of outgoing, and not being fueled by any alcohol, said no. But eventually, as I sat at home (playing WoW) my desire to geek-out with some fellow players overcame my shyness and I drove over. I ended up meeting a great group of people. The idea of a group of local friends running a guild together and being able to physically meet every month to talk about the game amazed me. I ended up talking with them for a few hours, trading stories and boss strategies. About a month later, my fiance and I rolled new toons on their server. We’ve been part of the guild for a little over two years now.

I’ve got one more eavesdropping story, except this time, I was one of the people being overheard. I was at one of the monthly officer pub nights. We had an officer who was quite excitable and had a tendency to get very loud when when people didn’t agree with his point of view. After one particularly loud, curse-laden outburst, and older woman from a nearby table came over to us. Everyone immediately started apologizing for our volume and language, but she shrugged it off. She only had one question to ask:

“What the fuck is ZA?”

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  1. ROFL. Had almost forgotten about the whole "FUCK ZA" topic we had there. As I recall it was some place called Bert and Ernie's or something. Anyways, we were discussing raid strats and what we wanted to accomplish in ZA and at that time, the Eye and SSC.

    "FUCK ZA." The call was unexpected, loud and pronounced. But yet, everyone knew the source.


    The tirade lasted for a couple of minutes amid calls of "Shhhh" and "Relax!"

    However, this was the second or third time that there was an eruption. The elderly folks across the way looked like their meal was being disturbed.

    The old lady walks over, we all apologize profusely for the one socially inept person at our table and that's when she says "What the Fuck is ZA?"