ICC Raid Quest – Deprogramming

Deprogramming is another of the new ICC weekly raid quests, and arguably the easiest. If this is your weekly quest, you will find the quest-giver atop the stairs just outside of Lady Deathwhisper’s room. The quest asks you to defeat Deathwhisper while keeping on the the adds, Darnavan, alive.

During phase 1 of the fight, Darnavan will spawn in place of one of the fanatics, usually during the first or second wave of adds. There are two main ways to deal with him. You can have a plate-wearing dps tank it in an out of the way spot, or you can have a druid keep it rooted for the duration of the fight. He seems to be immune to other forms of CC like sheep or traps. The add has a Bladestorm-type ability that will make him immune to roots temporarily, so watch out for that. He also has a fairly low health pool so he should be kept away from the raid, and out of any possible AOE effects, as much as possible.

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