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Looking for a Protector (or 2 or 3)

Apotheosis is recruiting!

In the past few weeks we’ve lost a few people. Some to real life, some to burn out, and some are just scared at the prospect of seeing Rag’s legs.

In a strange twist of fate,* almost* all the classes we are in need of are on the protector token. (What’s wrong, Protectors? Don’t like fire?)

We are specifically seeking:

  • 1-2 hunters
  • 1 elemental shaman
  • 1 enhancement shaman
  • 1 warrior (Tank or DPS)
  • 1 retribution paladin (Not a Protector, but I’m convinced these don’t exist anyway)

Apotheosis is a 25-man Alliance raiding guild on Eldre’thalas. We raid 9 hours a week – Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday, from 9pm ET until midnight. We are currently 6/7 heroic in Firelands and are about to start working on Glory of the Firelands Raider and take a crack at heroic Ragnaros. If you are awesome and want to work on these things with us (or even want to join us for 4.3) come put in an app. We’re a friendly bunch, we don’t bite. Well… I do sometimes.


Secret Santa Blog Exchange – What is a Warrior Doing in Here?

Hi, guys. Pixelated Executioner here. Or, y’know, just Pix for short. I’m the lucky soul who gets to be Jasyla’s Blogger Secret Santa this year for Ophelie’s little blog project. So here I am, filling in for Jasyla while she’s off recovering from Christmas or whatever. The idea here is that the person filling in for the regularly scheduled poster is supposed to write something that fits the blog theme. There are a couple of problems with that, unfortunately.

This might come as a shock to some of you (well, okay, maybe not), but I’m not a druid. I’ve never even played a druid. I *know* plenty of druids, and I read lots of druid blogs (face it, who doesn’t enjoy having Big Bear Butt and Cannot Be Tamed on their reader, anyway?), but I’ve never experienced the shapeshifting life. To be fair, that’s nothing against druids. I just hate the look of Night Elves, and I don’t play Horde. Though the Worgen are shaping up to be quite interesting…

I digress.

The other thing is that I’m not much of a theorycrafter, and for what little I do, chances are you folks don’t want to hear about the latest in Arms Warrior dps abilities or how much execute crits for when you’re on a roll (right now, in some epics and heroic blues, that’s about 60k, by the way). You also don’t want to hear about the best time to use Bladestorm (only if you really trust your tank and healer) or the most unorthodox (but handy!) use for Heroic Leap (it’s to get you out of range of mobs so you can Charge again). Besides, this isn’t supposed to be for shameless self-promotion anyhow. It’s supposed to be about giving to someone else without expecting anything in return. (But just in case, you can find my blog at http://pixelatedexecutioner.thestorythusfar.com, by the way.)

I thought I might write about more things that Cannot Be Tamed, complete with pictures and all that. I had a pretty good list going, but I realized that handing Jasyla a post with 20 or so pictures in it would be a little extreme for a post where the point behind this sort of project is so that the main author doesn’t have to do any real work. Besides, once you get past Ghostcrawler

Greg Street

and Ghostcrawler

Ghostcrawler Crab

the only other option is Lord Voldemort.

Lord Voldemort

Wait, that last one is Cannot Be Named. My mistake.

Then I thought I’d write about how awesome I think druids are (despite the fact that I don’t play one. Ironic?). And it’s true – druids are pretty damn awesome. One of my very good friends is arguably one of the best bear tanks (and pretty good cat dps, too) on my server, and was part of my raid team all throughout Wrath. Another good friend of mine is a pretty good healer. He’d be ridiculously awesome if he were a little quicker to move out of bad stuff on the ground, but I guess he’s under the impression that he works best with a lit fire under his ass. Yet another good friend of mine definitely puts the BOOM in Boomkin. Er, Moonkin. Whatever. But I’m pretty sure you guys don’t want to hear about my friends. Now that I think about it, my friends probably don’t want to see me talking about them on the internet, anyway. Even if I’m saying nice things.

After that, I thought I should write something like an etiquette guide for dealing with druids. I got through twenty-five really good points, and was putting the finishing touches on the twenty-sixth (something to do with shorter races not insulting a bear druid, because they crap bigger than that), and realized that you guys don’t need an etiquette guide – you’re already druids. I went back to the drawing board.

I thought about writing a story, even! A grand tale, filled with heroic druids saving the day against the forces of something-or-other. Unfortunately, if word ever got back to a warlock friend of mine that I wrote a short story for someone else’s blog and didn’t actually finish the one I’m working on for mine… let’s just say that I’d take fel fire to the face and need heals and reconstructive surgery. Can feral druids do scar work? No? Damn.

So here we are. This is where I ended up.

Okay, so maybe it’s not the best fit for the blog. But I’ve never been the conventional sort (I play an ARMS WARRIOR for A’dal’s sake), and I hope that this at least brought a smile to your face when you read it. If it did, then my mission is accomplished. If it didn’t, well… guess you’ll just have to catch me on Warcraft Improv Night on my vent channel so I can regale you with Kermit the Frog and Hank Hill doing the Arthas/Tirion pre-fight exchange.

Happy Holidays to Jasyla and all you druids out there. May your claws be sharp, your roots be strong, and your moonbeams bright.

Thanks for the post, Pix! Everyone make sure to visit Pixelated Executioner for all your arms warrior needs. Also, check out my secret santa post for Trading with Zoxy. Merry Christmas. -Jasyla


Over the last couple months I’ve been a little bored in WoW, as many people seem to be. I am quickly running out of things I want to do on my mains. Last week I decided to dust off my alts and did some questing and random dungeons for a bit of a change. I’ve never been that into alts. I like to build up my main as much as possible, but was never willing to spend a whole lot of time on secondary characters. Now that I’m actually playing my alts, I’m really having a blast.

One of my goals before the xpac is to get a 4th character to level 80, but I don’t know who it will be. There are a few contenders:

Penthesilia – Level 77 Draenei protection warrior

Penthesilia - Draenei protection warrior

My warrior has a bit of an advantage, being the highest level of my alts. She’s also a tank, so the quick queue times for randoms are very nice. Except for a brief stint as Arms in BC, Penth is all prot, all the time. Leveling prot from 1 – 60 was…interesting. Who am I kidding? It was horrific and I must have been some kind of masochist to do it. Now I find leveling as prot quite enjoyable. It’s fun to shield slam my way through mobs and be able to take on whole packs at a time. Prot warriors also have a lot of abilities to use. I like pushing lots of buttons.

I’ve become much better at tanking instances over the last couple times I’ve played. At first the prospect of tanking dungeons with a group of players I didn’t know was daunting. I was always nervous I would suck at holding aggro or be difficult to heal. I’ve gotten much more comfortable with it now. I rarely forget my cooldowns, and I’ve become quicker on taunts when some fool mage doesn’t understand that the skull over one mob’s head means “kill me first!” I even wait for healer mana before pulling.

Feyyd – Level 76 Draenei fire mage

Feyyd - Draenei fire mage

My mage is fun, but squishy. I’m quite erratic in terms of how well I play my mage. When I’m in a dungeon, I do everything I can to stay alive and help keep others alive. I’m always using my Ice Block, or Frost Nova to keep mobs away. I like to Invis. I even use my Gift of the Naaru to help heal people when I can (I can’t help it). When I’m questing alone though, I’m completely suicidal. I run head first into packs of mobs, pulling as many as I can. I completely forget about my life-saving abilities. I die a lot. I’m definitely more interested in (and better at) dungeons than solo stuff on my mage. It’s fun to DoT up a group of mobs with Living Bomb and watching the explosions go off. Fire good.

Lamens – Level 70 Blood Elf ret/holy paladin

Lamens - Blood Elf paladin

Leveling progress on my Paladin has stalled. I burned through Azeroth and Outlands then arrived at Howling Fjord and lost interest. I’m quite tired of the Northrend starting zones after doing them on four other characters. While I enjoy the utility of the paladin, Lamens doesn’t get played much. Most of my experiences with the low level random dungeons horde-side have been negative. Add 40 minute queues to that, and they become a bit of a chore.

I’m trying to build up my healing set so it’s easier to get into randoms. I healed for the first time last week and it was an interesting experience. The healing style is completely different from my druid or shaman, so it was a nice change.

Apocalyss – Level 33 Draenei shadow priest

Apocalyss - Draenei shadow priest

I created this character a couple years ago, but she was abandoned shortly after. However, my fiance rolled a new druid recently and was looking for a leveling partner. I was happy to oblige by dusting off my priest. I’m really liking it. DoTs are great, I’ve been having lots of fun Psychic Screaming mobs in dungeons and Mind Control is cute too. I also love Power Word: Shield. I can’t wait to get to level 40 and dual-spec Disclipline.

There are only two problems I’m having so far with my priest. First, no AoE until level 75?!? Ahh! Also, there are five different things to buff yourself with every 30 minutes (more often for some) which gets a little tedious. Regardless of those two things, the priest is a lot of fun and it’s nice to play with my sweetie. I predict Apocalyss will level up very quickly.

I also have one alt that is level 80 who I don’t play much:

Hettu – Level 80 Tauren restoration shaman

Hettu - Tauren restoration shaman

One of these things is not like the others…

Hettu was my main Horde character from the beginning of Wrath until midway through Ulduar. I enjoyed shaman healing for a while. Direct, non-instant healing was interesting to master after druid healing for so long. I really liked the Lesser Healing Wave/Riptide spot healing approach. Then came the game breaker. Chain Heal was buffed, and Tidal Waves no longer reduced the cast time of LHW. It now seemed like there was little reason to cast anything but Chain Heal. That was not my idea of a good time. It also didn’t help that my guild usually ran with 7-8 healers, so healing was a little dull. I switched back to my hunter as my main, and poor Hettu was forgotten.