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Death Brought to Saurfang

Last night the unexpected happened. My Horde guild went into ICC and killed Deathbringer Saurfang for the first time on our first attempt of the night! I was so proud, and a bit shocked. I’ve never considered our dps stellar, and some people have the raid awareness of a kumquat (Deathwhisper still provides us with a lot of challenge – What? The mobs cleave? Death and Decay is bad? I have a decurse button?), but we went in, pulled together and killed that jerk! We got the I’ve Gone and Made a Mess achievement to boot!

Storming the Citadel achievment

I have to admit, when our raid leader shared his strategy of only bringing 5 healers, letting all Mark of the Fallen Champion targets die and killing the boss before the 3rd Mark, I was more than a little skeptical. And while it didn’t go exactly like that – we saw 4 Marks over 6 and a half minutes, let two people die on purpose and one die by accident ::cough:: no heals for the hunter ::cough:: – we killed him with relative ease.

The secret to our success? It was all about reducing the Boiling Blood damage and the boss’s energy generation. A combination of a few quick Hand of Protections, Divine Shields, and Iceblocks on the Boiling Blood targets as well as one holy priest switching to disc and throwing PW:S around like a mad-woman really slowed down the rate at which the Marks were put out. We also did pretty well on add control and everyone really worked to step up their damage output.

And to make a great night of raiding even better, the RNG gods smiled upon me and I got the guild’s first Deathbringer’s Will.

Deathbringer's Will - Vrykul transformation
Whee! I’m a Vrykul!

I have to say, the Horde get the fuzzy end of the lollipop on this fight.  Listening to Saurfang’s five-minute speech before you fight him is interesting the first time, but gets old really fast.  Alliance-side there are four lines of dialogue and then you jump right into the fight.

Looking forward to seeing the next wing of ICC this week.