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This is for day 21 of Blaugust.

Time for another retro gaming review for day 21 of Blaugust. I played Gun-Nac for the NES for the first time and found it’s an amazing shoot’em up.

Adventures in the Magic Kingdom

This is my 12th post for Blaugust.

Time for another retro gaming review for day 12 of Blaugust (and just under the wire). I reviewed a game I played a lot as a kid, Adventures in the Magic Kingdom on NES.

Retro Gaming Review – Kid Chameleon

This is my 5th post for Blaugust.

Time for another retro gaming review for day 5 of Blaugust. I reviewed the Sega Genesis platformer Kid Chameleon.


ConBravo Recap

This is my 2nd post for Blaugust.

I attended ConBravo last weekend, where I met a lot of cool people, attended interesting panels, and picked up a few new games and things. Here’s a video recap.

Branching Out

I’ve been pretty happy with my transition from WoW blogger to gaming blogger last year. It’s given me a lot more to talk about and time to play a lot more different games. However, over the past couple months, I’ve been wanting to branch out some more from just blogging. I’ve dabbled in streaming and Let’s Play-like videos, but discovered I’m really not exuberant enough to pull those off. Honestly, the videos I made were pretty boring. I don’t have the type of personality where I can just talk to fill space while I play a game. I have lots of opinions, but I need focus and topics to sink my teeth into, rather than just directionless musings to people who may or may not be watching me play.

So I have some news.

My first piece of exciting news is that I will be joining the Contains Moderate Peril podcast. The show had a brief hiatus in the last couple months, but hosts Roger, Brian, and Sean decided they wanted to start it back up as a monthly podcast as well as add some new perspectives to the mix. So, they invited Jaedia and myself to join as co-hosts. We record our first episode later this week. I hope you’ll give it a listen when it’s released.

Second, I’ve decided to give videos another go, but in a much different format. I put up my first one last week, on the Shadowrun games and how I think they do characters well from a feminist perspective. I plan to continue this “doing it right” series on other positive games I’d like to highlight, as well as some spotlights, best ofs, and maybe a rant or two. If you have any suggestions for videos, I’d love to hear them. Here’s my first video if you want to check it out.