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Patch 4.0.1 – First Impressions

I had an hour or so to play around on my druid last night after downloading the patch.

I haven’t had a chance to do any raid healing yet but I did run around a bit in a heroic dungeon and I have to say…I love it!

Effloresence is amazing. I like that it’s given new purpose to Swiftmend. It’ll be even better in Cata when Swiftmend is less likely to be needed as an emergency heal and you can really focus on placement.

Critting HoTs are great. The small HoT on Regrowth will take some getting used to, but it’s not bad. I was worried that Healing Touch and Nourish would take forever to cast but with my current haste and spec they are both at 2 seconds which  I can handle.

Healing in the heroic felt good and completely natural (even with 0 mods). I was pleasantly surprised. Raid healing will take some adjustments but I think we’ve got a good kit to work with.

Here’s the spec I’m currently using. I’ve skipped the talents that are strictly for mana (Furor and Malfurion’s Gift). With my 43k mana pool, I don’t see mana being an issue. I spammed (over)heals through the whole dungeon and never even put a dent in my mana bar. I may change my tune after I’ve had a chance to raid on the weekend, but I think speccing for throughput will work well at level 80.

The one thing I didn’t try out was Tree of Life. For one thing, it really wasn’t necessary at any point. Also, I just didn’t want to see myself as a tree again so soon after perma-tree was taken away.

Speaking of trees, mmo-champion has posted the new skins for Tree of Life.

New druid tree of life forms

It’s not the best model I’ve ever seen, but I think it’s an improvement. These trees have a healthy amount of leaves and nice colours. They’re a little masculine for my taste (goatee, really?), but I like them.

I also had a chance to sit in front of a target dummy for 10 minutes on my hunter. I really don’t like focus. I don’t like playing rogues or feral druids, I don’t like the switch to the same energy model for hunters. I will be changing my Horde main in the xpac. To what? I have no idea.

How are the class changes treating you?

Tree Form Cooldowns

As far as druid bloggers go, I seem to be in the minority of those who are in favour of  having tree form be a cooldown. I’ve been thinking about what kind of cooldowns we could have and I thought it would be neat if we could turn into different types of trees who would get different abilities. Take the whole shapeshifting aspect of druids to a whole new level. I think if we could have these abilities as cooldowns, more people would see things my way.

Shapeshift: Giant Redwood
The druid turns into a Giant Redwood, lifting all allies in range hundreds of feet into the air and out of danger. Instant.

Druid tree forms - Redwood tree

This would be like the Priest’s new Leap of Faith ability on steroids. Did a Void Zone just spawn on top of you and your friends? Save them with this! Probably best not to use it in fires though.

Shapeshift: Bamboo Palm
The druid turns into a Bamboo Palm, removing poisons from all raid members in range. Removes poisons in range once every 2 seconds for 8 seconds. Instant.

Druid tree forms - Bamboo Palm

Fun fact: The Bamboo Palm is one of the best plants for removing pollutants and chemicals from the air.

Shapeshift: Willow Tree
The druid turns into a Willow Tree. All allies in range are temporarily protected from harm. Lasts 8 seconds.

Druid tree forms - Willow tree

Power Word: Barrier has nothing on the Willow Tree.

Shapeshift: Poppy Field
The druid covers the battlefield in poppies, putting all her enemies to sleep for 10 seconds or until they take damage.

Druid tree forms - Poppy

Wikipedia says that poppies don’t actually put people to sleep. However, since I was a child, The Wizard of Oz has told me otherwise. I know who I’m going to believe.

Shapeshift: Apple Tree
The druid changes into an apple tree, providing fruit for all her allies. The fruit gives a bonus to all base stats. Can only be used out of combat.

Druid tree forms - Apple tree

By now I think we’re all sick of fish feasts. Minor glyphs can be used to change this form into a Pear or Peach tree.

Shapeshift: Banyan Tree
The druid turns into a Banyan Tree, rapidly covering the field of battle and impaling all enemies in range with her roots. 10-second channel.

Druid tree forms - Banyan Tree

Fun fact: The roots of Banyan trees grown downwards from the branches to the ground. The oldest Banyans can cover over 3 acres of space.

I suppose this ability isn’t very heal-y is it? But it would be awesome.

Shapeshift: Magnolia Tree
The druid transforms into a Magnolia Tree.

Druid tree forms - Magnolia Tree

Why? Because they’re pretty, and we deserve to have a pretty tree form.  🙂

What kind of tree would you like to be?

Did I mention I love the druid class preview?

Death to tree form
Goodbye old friend. We’ve had some good times, but now it’s time for you to go.
Jasyla celebrating the death of permanent tree form